Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Very Long Night and a Broken Toe

Last night was very tough. Dan had brought home McDonalds for a late supper. I gave Gabriel the beef from the hamburger. Dan and I had a burger as well. Dawson had chicken. Just before bed, Dan and I were having some stomach cramps. Didn't last long at all though. Gabriel started getting fussy too, which is when we put it all together. Dawson was fine. I try to give Gabriel meat to help with his iron, but this one backfired. He was up the entire night, tossing and turning, arching his back and crying in pain. I gave him gripe water to settle his tummy. I gave him a tiny bit of prune juice to try to help everything pass through faster. Tylenol for the pain. Nothing was touching this belly ache. He wanted nothing to do with laying flat. I finally just sat him on my stomach and propped him up with my legs, swaying him back and forth. Then he calmed down for a little while. Even almost fell asleep. He kept getting upset though, and what worked for a while didn't work anymore. We spent hours switching positions, rocking, holding, pacing. He didn't even want to nurse. Finally about an hour or 2 before we normally wake up, he fell asleep in our bed. Not long after, Dawson came running in wanting to cuddle. Gabriel woke up at the yelling, but thankfully went back to sleep quickly. Unfortunately mommy didn't get to go back to sleep.

Gabriel was up not long after that anyway. I layed there with him for a while and then he woke up and was up for the day. His stomach seemed to be better, but his cold and cough are still being persistant so he's still irritable and not feeling well. Thankfully he has a sweet (when he wants to be) big brother to give him kisses and cuddles.

Gabriel relaxing in the bean bag watching some Blue's Clues. He still has a slight fever off and on, so he seemed to like having no pants to keep him cool. Still has those big thighs! Brought him to the Dr yesterday and he weighed 23 pounds, 8 ounces at 11 1/2 months old.
 Cuddles from Dawson
 Kisses! I see a hint of a smile.
 Gabriel hasn't smiled much lately, but his brother seems to know just how to do it. :)

 They are so sweet!
At the Dr yesterday I also had an appt for my toe. It was getting more purple so I had it x-rayed. They said I definitely broke it, it's a big spiral fracture taking up most of 1 section of my toe. Thankfully it didn't go into the joints, so nothing further has to be done other than taping the toes together and taking it easy. My mom borrowed me her boot they gave her when she broke her toe. It's been nice to have today! My toe hurts way less just by keeping it more stable. I was stretching this morning and curled my toes without thinking and that hurt so bad! Dawson stepped on my foot today too, that didn't help. Hopefully it won't take too long to heal. My mom says it took her 6 weeks before she even stopped wearing the shoe. The weather is gorgeous today too, I'm really wanting to get outside and go for walks, and now I'm stuck limping. This is so frustrating! We're finally home for a summer and I've already sprained my ankle and broke a toe. The same foot too, which limping is making my ankle hurt again. I hate to complain, but this just sucks!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm watching the 4 toddlers again, only this time they all have ear infections and feel like crap. Their mom has a very long OB appt with a 45min drive, so they'll be here longer than usual as well. Hopefully the day will go as smooth as it can for having 5 whiny sick kids. They already had the same cold too, so at least we don't have to worry about spreading that. Hopefully my lap is big enough for all the cuddles tomorrow.

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