Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Busy Day with Dawson

Today was the Moms Like Me get together at Lake George. It's a website for local moms. My Mom's Club had a booth there and my ECFE group was gonna be there too. So we went, played at the park, got a coupon for a free Frosty at Wendy's, had a couple cookies and some juice. Dawson learned that he isn't supposed to squeeze those juice packets that come with a straw, he got wet.

Dawson loved all the playground stuff but he kept checking constantly to make sure I was still there. He's having some major seperation issues even on weekends when I'm home. Even around home he follows me everywhere and panicks if he loses track of me. It was hard being there and seeing all the double strollers with babies and toddlers. There seems to be tons of cute babies everywhere we go. Makes me miss having my family all in one place. After the park we went to Wendy's to eat and get our free Frosty. Of course he wouldn't touch his nuggets until we ate the ice cream. In hindsight, probably should've made a 2nd trip back up for ice cream once our food was gone!

We also got some shopping done today. He did great in the cart, but decided to make himself known in Cub. He was shrieking at the top of his lungs, to the point of coughing and hacking after everytime he'd do it because his throat would hurt. Then he'd do it again! Of course nothing short of pushing the cow button in the dairy aisle would make him quiet, so people were giving us looks and the moms were giving sympathetic smiles. No doubt they've been there before too!

Once we got home Dawson was taking his time getting out of the car, then was trying to get away from me. He bumped into the car next to us, who has a goofy alarm system in it. So of course it went off when Dawson bumped it. It's very loud and goes through several different noises. Dawson immediately took cover by squatting next to the car with a bewildered "help me!" look on his face!

We finally get in and he was watching me put groceries away. I have something like 50 bottles of breastmilk in the fridge freezer, plus all our other stuff. So I'm trying to rearrange and ended up with an avalanche. Dawson thinks falling objects are one of the funniest things ever. Just one item is great, but this was too much for the poor little guy! He was laughing so hard he fell over and was barely breathing! I was expecting to see a purple face any second. I went over there and helped him to his feet and he calmed down....until a lone can of juice made its way to the edge and fell too, then he lost it again!! So we were both about laughing so hard we had tears.
When I ask him to pick something up for me, he will but he'll purposely drop it just short of my fingers so it falls. He thinks that's pretty funny too. Takes a lot not to laugh at him somedays!

I'm bringing Dawson to the hospital with me tomorrow. Should be interesting. I'm out of storage bottles and Tyler is out of milk. Plus it'll be nice to spend some time with Tyler. :)

Dawson waiting for me to make popcorn

Dawson watching the air popper, he always claims all the popcorn that misses the bowl and flies onto the floor!

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