Monday, August 24, 2009

A Change in Schedule

Last night Dawson woke up around 3am coughing and hacking. I brought him some water but he wasn't interested in that. Instead he decided to be up for an hour or so. He did sleep in, thankfully, but still had a runny nose. I wasn't feeling the best either, I had the sniffles and a bad headache. We haven't had to deal with being sick while Tyler is in the hospital before. We're a pretty healthy family usually, but with being in different homes all week, it's a lot easier to pick something up. Of course then I feel bad about spreading it too!

So I decided not to go see Tyler, it's just not worth getting him sick. Dawson and I did have a fun day, we played outside a lot and he's been drinking lots of fluids. He loves juice, he'd drink the stuff all day if we'd let him! He downed an entire sippy of it last night. Of course I paid for that when he woke up the next morning and his jammies and sheets were soaked! I even had an overnight diaper on him which is supposed to absorb more, I've never had one leak before.

I walked another mile today. I did yesterday also. I'm not nearly as winded afterward as I used to be at that pace. I'm planning on walking a 5k in September. It's in Coon Rapids, for the Missing Grace foundation. They help with awareness and resources for miscarriage and infant loss. Another friend mentioned it the other day, this will be her 2nd year walking it. I'll be pushing Dawson in the stroller, and Tyler too if he's out. The double will get heavy, but at least I'll probably have Dan there too. I've known a lot of people who've had miscarriages just in the last year and 2 people who've had stillbirths. It's so sad, especially after having infertility problems on top of that. Hopefully we can make it. It's Saturday, Sept 12th if anyone is interested.

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