Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Learning New Things

We're feeling a little better, but still not sure if I'll be heading back tomorrow. Will have to see how I feel in the morning. I have someone to watch him on Wednesday until Thursday morning, so if I'm going, I still need to find someone for Thursday and I'll probably have to head back Thursday afternoon. Dan and I are spending the day together on Friday, we're going to the State Fair and staying in the cities overnight. Saturday we're going to the Como Zoo with Dawson to meet some friends from Tyler's message board.

It's hard not seeing Dawson much. For the last 2 months I've just seen him on weekends. In the last month, I've noticed him doing some new things. The day before the county fair I taught him how to drink from a straw. It came in handy at the fair, he had some lemonade. For the longest time he thought they were for chewing on and throwing at people!
Today he was eating from a spoon, but only managed to get about 2 Spaghetti O's on his spoon at a time. He can also use a fork, but quickly gets inpatient with how slow going it is and just uses his fingers. He also expects his meals to be in front of him very soon after he sits at the table. Which is right after I walk into the kitchen to make the food! The other day he discovered what "hot" means, when he touched the hot toaster oven door. I don't think he'll be doing that again!

Dawson also recently learned how to open doors, so we now have those door knob covers on the doors. He's not so happy about that. He can do zippers too, so he gets into his diaper bag and finds the animal crackers that I have in there for shopping trips. He's also getting more "helpful". For example, I was doing dishes and he saw a (dirty) plastic spoon on the counter, so he put it away for me. He can open the kitchen cabinet doors, mostly the one with the garbage, despite it having a baby lock on it. He can also open the baby gate that goes into the kitchen. He makes sure it's always closed behind him though, isn't he helpful?! Luckily Dan showed me how to tighten the lock a bit, so it takes more pressure to open and now he can't anymore....for now!

I was trying to get him to say a couple things today. I was asking him to say "more" when wanting more of something (usually something I'm eating). Right now he makes a whining noise for more. I said the word several times, and finally said "Do you want more?" and he said "uh huh". Figures! I was also trying to get him to understand that he peed his diaper. He would go all day with a wet diaper and not complain about it! So I told him he had pee in there and he said "bee". Then for the next 20 minutes or so he was saying "bee bee bee". Everything I pointed to was "bee". I think he just found a cool new sound to make, he doesn't seem to be putting much in context!

Yesterday we went outside. Dawson likes the slide and the swing. He loves slides, and will usually head right to the tallest one on a playground. The only ones he's not so sure about are the tube slides the curve around. The baby swing was bugging his leg so I put him on a big swing that was pretty low to the ground. He stayed on for about 3 slow swings and fell backwards. Poor little guy! It didn't seem to bother him much though, since it was so low to begin with. It's amazing how tough toddlers are, he can run into a wall and keep on running with barely a flinch!
I'm so bummed, I just sold my cloth diapers. Can't be using them with the chemo, it'll just eat away at them. Dawson gets diaper rash when they are used on him, so I just decided to sell them. I had 19 Bum Genius diapers, I sold 14 today. They were working so good with Tyler before too. I really liked them, at least we got a couple months out of them and I'm getting my money back from selling them too.

A couple pics from his 2 year old photoshoot....
Mommy and Dawson

In this pic you can see Dawson's little ponytail. My mom (with permission) cut it off while he was there. It was tickling the back of his neck and since it's so hot this summer, I thought I'd do him a favor. Was hoping for a full haircut, but she wasn't sure if he'd hold still for it all!

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Mom said...

Dawson actually stood pretty still for his ponytail cut! He seemed to enjoy the sound of the scissors as they snipped his hair! :)