Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visited Tyler

Dawson and I visited Tyler today. Dawson did really good actually. He watched Blue's Clues on his portable DVD player on the way down there and didn't fuss until we were close to the hospital. They didn't have enough people in the playroom to watch him, so I brought him up with me. He was surprisingly patient while I labeled all the milk (57 bottles!) and then we went and saw Tyler. He did pretty good. He kept trying to see outside, the window is pretty high. We didn't stay in there long, just long enough to nurse Tyler. We got something to eat after that and then checked Dawson into the sibling playroom where they watched him for 90 minutes. He did great! Cried a bit they said but he lasted the entire 90 minutes, a record for him! He has a lot of seperation anxiety from being bounced around so much during the week, so it's been tough.

Tyler is looking good! He's 6 months now and weighs 18lbs, 4oz. He can sit by supporting himself with his arms, can stand with support for several minutes, can hold his head up well. All these things he used to be able to do before the hospital, but had to relearn because his muscles got weak. The nurse says he can roll, but I haven't seen it yet. He was starting to before, but his stomach got swollen and sore so he had no interest in it.

Here's a few pics of Tyler showing off what he can do

One arm! He's getting stronger! :)

Dawson saw me with the camera and decided he wanted a pic.
Trying to look out the window.

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