Monday, August 31, 2009

Como Zoo and the State Fair

Friday we got out by ourselves. My cousin stayed with Dawson at our place and stayed overnight. We visited Tyler, Dan hadn't seen him in a few weeks. Then we went to the State Fair and stayed at the Sheraton overnight.

Saturday morning I walked to the hospital (3 blocks) to give them more pumped milk and walked back. My cousin met us at the Como Zoo with Dawson and another little boy Dawson's age that she babysits. There we got together with 2 ladies from Tyler's iVillage message board and their babies. They are getting so big! I wish Tyler could've been there, but the zoo isn't allowed even if he was out of the hospital because of all the people and bacteria from the animals. We had a lot of fun, saw the animals and the Sparky the Seal show. Then we went on some rides and played in their play area.
Sunday we visited Tyler and then went to the State Fair with Dawson. He loved it! He went on rides, ate some new foods and enjoyed seeing everything. His favorite thing was the cars, we had a hard time getting him away from them. We also watched some horse shows. First a 6 horse hitch, then a short Morgan competition, then the Tommy Turvy show. He rides his horses with no saddle or bridle. It was very interesting to see. At the end Dawson went on rides, we watched the fireworks, then went home.
Here's Tyler with Dan. He was very happy to see his daddy too.

Dawson on rides at the Zoo

Me and Dawson in a Challenger at the State Fair.

The 6 horse hitch competition. It was fun to watch!

Tyler was happy to get some play time in with us over the weekend.

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