Friday, July 16, 2010

Becker Relay for Life

The Becker Relay for Life was a nice day, so it was outdoors at the high school track. Tyler did his Survivor lap, he even got to walk for part of it, though he was tired at the time. He did end up walking a lot as the evening went on. We ate there and let the boys walk quite a bit. Bedtime was not an issue this night, we had some tired little boys when we got home! We stayed for 5 hours, from 6 to 11pm.

He looks so cute and little walking there! He always puts his arms up for balance.
So determined!
Dawson slowing down for some water.
Tyler kept wanting to touch the bags. He was pretty good about it once he was told no, but he kept going over to look at them.
Dawson spotted a girl his age and had to run over and walk with her a bit.
Tyler liked watching the track pass by above his seat in the back.
Tyler was being goofy and growling at me
Dan and Tyler taking a break from the track.
Rib bone! Tyler sure liked that, he wouldn't let go of it for a good half hour! Then it was only because he wanted another one!
Tyler's luminary, decorated by me. It took a while to find amongst them all! They had them along the inside and outside of the track that goes around the football field!
They lit all the candles at 10pm. It was quite a sight, couldn't even get a pic of it all at once, but here's a corner of the track.
They had these bags in the bleachers.
Tyler's luminary all lit up
Dan's work had a team and won 3rd place for the most money earned. They raised just over $5,500, all goes to the American Cancer Society.

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