Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun at Home

We've been having lots of fun lately. Dawson likes playing with his train and cars. He's getting more into looking at books, coloring and loves to learn. He knows most of his letters, shapes and some numbers. He's been loving his new Word World movie, it teaches letters and letter sounds. The other day he came up to me and said "cookie! c-c-cookie!" He does that with other words occasionally too, it's so cute! His favorite things to do outside are swinging, kicking a ball around the tennis court and going for walks. Usually if I give him the choice between the 3, he'll choose to go for a walk.

He's been walking during our walks lately. We take some quiet residential streets and we usually only see about 5 cars on our 2-3 mile walk. He often walks ahead or behind me, usually going back and forth, racing the stroller. Tyler finds that very amusing. When a car does come, I say "there's a car, hold my hand!" and he quickly comes to me with his arm out for me to grab onto it and pulls away the second the car has passed by. He has some trouble staying on course sometimes. If he sees a dog, toys or a swingset, he wants to run over there. A nice man did let him pet his dog once, assuring us she was very friendly, but now he wants to pet all the dogs! Thankfully he's a bit scared of them too, he only likes petting them from the side, he's scared to have the dog's face by his and will back off. He's never been bit, just licked a lot and he doesn't like them up in his face. Of course that's not hard since he's right at eye level with many of them!

Tyler is still into cars and anything with wheels. He also likes the stacking rings and he'll stack blocks and look at books if you sit down with him too. He really holds his attention to toys for a long time. His teacher is very impressed with that. He can walk around outside now and doesn't fall quite as much. He's walking faster in the house too, but not quite keeping up with Dawson yet. He still goes in for labs every other week and will be seeing an Oncologist for a check up once a month. They also talked of seeing the pediatrician once a month also, but I have to double check that one. I'm not sure if that's only months where we can't see the Oncologist, or if they want him to be seen by both each month.  His chemo just got bumped up to almost full dose. They want him on more chemo to avoid a relapse. His counts have been looking good, so hopefully he'll tolerate the higher dose well.

The boys in the tennis court playing
 Kicking the ball is a fairly new thing, but he's getting good at it
Playing is so tiring, darn chemo!
 A ball came my way by itself! :)

Yummy chocolate animal cracker
Sand and water toy. Doesn't work the greatest on our pea rock playground but works good in the tub.
Tyler checking out the rocks I put in the bucket. Stooping down to get things and standing up again is something we've been working on. He's really getting better at it.
Rock dust on my hand!
The face and the shirt say it all!
Dawson's new toy, a My First Leap Pad. Found it at the thrift store for $2. He got the hang of it quickly. Just found a few more books for it on Craigslist too, so we should be set for a while. Sitting and looking at books is something we've been working on. He doesn't like looking, just flipping pages. He recently started looking more, but this Leap Pad being interactive holds his attention for longer and makes him really look at things. I really didn't think he'd have the patience for it, but he did much better than I thought. :)
His first BK crown, he liked it
Fridge toys! I got the top 3 from Craigslist and we already had the bottom 2. We had a fridge farm, but it broke, so the new one replaced that. Thankfully we had all the pieces but no barn and the lady had a good barn but only a few pieces. The one Dawson is touching says alphabet letters and sounds and also does numbers and counts. The 3 letter one makes words, he's not quite ready for that yet, but it'll be fun once he is. I'll probably put that one away for a while. The one below it just does letters, it was a gift for Tyler. The radio does counting and alphabet songs. They both love these toys and Dawson has learned so many letter sounds and things from them. I was excited to get the one that counts, he loves to count and doesn't know many numbers yet. Tyler thinks the animal noises are very funny and likes the letters too. Going to be putting most away for them to take out 1 at a time though, it's a lot of little pieces to lose!
I found some roller skates at Once Upon a Child today. They go over his shoe. I wasn't sure how Dawson would do, but he liked the idea and took off right away without hesitating! He was correcting himself and didn't fall, even in the kitchen until he rolled over a toy and tripped. He played in them for about 20 minutes, mostly wanted them off because I had sat down with Tyler and didn't have full attention on him anymore. 
He was very comfortable in them! He started playing and wanted his sippy after a while. I thought it was funny, I was really expecting him to want to run faster and just want them off, but I was wrong!

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