Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Dawson!

We had his party in the Community Room at our apartment. Guests were my Grandma, Mom, sister, 2 brothers and Dan's sister. He's currently 34 pounds, 4 ounces, but his official 3 year appointment isn't until the 26th.

Dawson and Tyler, doing what boys do best, getting into things
Anxious to eat cake!
Waiting to blow out candles
Tyler waiting for some cake
Dawson eating cake
Happy to have cake
Tyler all cleaned up and wandering around
Guests, from left, my brothers, sister and Dan's sister. Tyler being a goof on the floor.
Present time! Tyler happily joins in.
Time to play!
So many cars!
He knew this trailer needed to be behind something, but why didn't it roll like it should??
Much better! Mom fixed it. :)
They got a surprise when they came back to the apartment. A train table! We got this off Craigslist that morning but it was too big and heavy to carry all the way to the community room. It's a big attraction around here now. They've always preferred driving their cars on a table or whatever surface they could find.
HopeKids shirt. The boys got the same size, smallest they had, so Tyler has some growing to do before he can wear his and even Dawson has plenty of room to grow. This is the organization that offers free events. They sent all of us free shirts. :)

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