Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tyler's Last Spinal Tap and a New Stroller

We dropped Dawson off at my parent's house the day before, so Tyler and I left at 5:30am and got to Children's around 7:15am. It was 9am before he was put under. Before that he cried and screamed because I wasn't allowed to feed him and he just didn't understand. Those procedure days are always so tough. He does have some happy playful moments though.
Here's a close-up of his port accessed
He was pulling at his lines a bit, maybe trying to figure out how they got back on him! I often wonder if he remembers having his central line. It seems like so long ago now, but really it's only been about 4 months!
Because of all his crying after that 10 minutes of happy playtime, he started wheezing during the procedure and his vitals dropped while we were waiting for him to wake up, so he was on close blow-by oxygen and it took a bit longer for him to wake up. He did finally give a few coughs and cleared that out of his throat. After he was awake they said he looked great and could go. I was worried that they'd want to observe him a while.

Nobody should get used to seeing their child hooked up like this! This "small" amount of wires and things doesn't even phase me now! It's pretty standard to have on until he wakes up, except the oxygen. He had heart monitors, blood pressure cuff, blood oxygen sensor, and oxygen.
After he woke up I fed him and we headed up to 8th floor to get some paperwork done with the social worker. Then we visited Abby. Tyler threw up a lot in both places. He was really affected by this spinal chemo more than last time. It took him 6 days before he stopped throwing up at least once a day.

Once we left I went and picked up my new stroller, which I found on Craigslist. It was in New Market, MN, in a southern suburb of the cities. A friend in Chicago recommended it. I've been casually looking to see what I want for a while now. So far I'm really liking it! My side by side had almost no storage and it wasn't turning well at all. This one has a ton of storage, Tyler's carseat snaps into it and Dawson isn't able to shove Tyler all the time this way. It turns well and has bigger wheels, so I'm not killing my back trying to push it across grass.

My view of baby :)
Here's how the boys roll at the grocery store
Here's what I bring into the store! Diaper bag, snack container, 2nd diaper bag with towels and outfits for if/when Tyler pukes, shopping cart cover for when Tyler panics and wants to sit up my me.
Dawson with his 3 sippies. He couldn't decide what he wanted, he wanted them all! Milk, juice and water.

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