Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chicago Trip Day 3, Sears Tower, Playground and Pizza

We got a later start this day, we were so tired from the day before! We went to the Sears Tower, getting there was the hardest part. There was road construction and we finally found parking underground a couple blocks away, so we had to walk. Only to find out later that they had their own parking garage across the street from the tower! Figures. I was nervous going in there, I heard the elevator ride was scary but it really wasn't bad at all.

The view driving down the street. So many huge buildings!
The underground driving and parking was a bit scary, since a lot of places had crumbling sections. Many of the bridges were pretty bad too.
Sears Tower looking up at it
The view from the top
Dawson just wanted closer to the edge
Dan looking at the view
They had a glass balcony called "the ledge" where you could walk out on and be standing over the city. It was quite a scary place, I couldn't step even a toe out there! I gave Tyler the option and he quickly crawled away. I have Dawson the option and he looked down and ran right out there!
Then he looked down, I was waiting for him to freak out, realizing he was standing on what looked like nothing!
Nope, he was loving it! He went back to looking out the sides and looking all around him.
The view looking down. I just held the camera over him!
He was getting quite comfy out there, walking around, then he was saying hi to people
 This guy sat down for a pic, so Dawson decided to join him. Thankfully the guy thought it was very funny and couldn't believe that such a little boy was out there and not afraid!
After that we had some ice cream at Baskin Robins, that was good! We don't have one here. Then we decided to find a playground to wear off some toddler energy.
Didn't take Tyler long to be tired, he's worn out pretty good for a few days after the MTX chemo.
The boys both love swinging!
Got a good view during the day too while driving. Dan was taking the pics as I drove. I did all the driving in Chicago, the drivers were horrible and Dan was more than happy to let me drive the entire time!
After the park we got some pizza across the road from the hotel. Then we went to the hotel and went swimming. Dan didn't go in, but the boys and I did. Then Dan watched the boys while I went in the hot tub. Felt so good on my sore, achy muscles from doing so much walking! They fell asleep quickly that night also.

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