Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giggles and Rollerskating

Today was fun. My friend Jenny came over with her son to chat before skating. Dawson thought her son was really funny when he laughed and made loud noises. He was giggling so much, Jenny and I were laughing too because it was so funny!

Afterwards we went rollerskating. I can't find a babysitter, so now I just bring him with. Dawson loves watching the lights and disco ball go by. I push him around the rink in his stroller. I have one with the big inflatable wheels, so it works really nice and smooth. I think he has everyone there wrapped around his finger. Almost everyone had to come over and talk to him.

I just applied to be an Assistant Moderator at iVillage, which is a paid position. I really hope I get it, it would be a lot of fun. Wish me luck! There's about 25 others who applied as well!

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Christie said...

Wow!! I have to see a picture of that stroller. I can't picture pushing around a stroller AND skating! You're a multi-tasker for sure!! Sounds like you had a fun afternoon. :)