Monday, April 7, 2008

Horse Expo and Bowling

Today was fun, we went to a horse expo in town. They had a lot of people selling stuff, and there were several horses there too. Dawson got to pet his first horse, a beautiful Fresian. I got 3 new t-shirts from there too.

After that we went bowling, just 1 game. Dan beat me by quite a bit. Score was 129 to 69. Haven't bowled in a year, so we're a bit rusty!

After we got home, Dan put his cowboy hat on Dawson. He doesn't like things on his head, so it took a long time and many funny pics to get a decent one of him with the hat on his head. Here's a couple that turned out the best. I should've left him in his bib overalls I had him in for the Expo, but I put him in sweat pants when we got home so he could be more comfortable and crawl easier.

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