Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Went to the mall!

I joined a moms group online that I found with moms from my town. They meet at the mall play area every month or a couple times a month. It finally worked out that I was able to go this time! There was only 2 moms that made it, but there were about 5 other moms who brought their kids to play there too, so it was pretty busy. Dawson hung out by me for a while until he took everything in and got used to the noise and commotion going on. I was so afraid of him getting stepped on! He found another baby his age and they stared at eachother for a while. There were a few 2 year old girls who thought he was pretty cute. They kept petting his fuzzy head! It was cute. After a while he started crawling away when he saw them coming! I stayed there until the other moms left, then went and walked around the mall a bit.

While walking around I passed the shoe store I'd looked at before. I was looking for some good shoes for this summer. I plan on taking lots of walks, but I always get shin splints. I had the stock number written down for the shoes I wanted and we were gonna wait until tax time to get them. Well, as I passed by I noticed they were having a big sale. I stopped to look at them, thinking that maybe I can find something else cheaper. Instead I found the exact pair I wanted before! They were $20 less than before, so I got them. I also got some good insoles made for people with shin splints. I had tried them on too, and they made a huge difference. So, I was feeling rather pleased about finding them on sale. They are Asics shoes, which are really good shoes.

After that we went to the pet store to look at the fishies. Dawson loves watching them. Then we went back to the play area which only had 2 kids in it that time. He crawled all over the place and had a lot of fun. I'm sure he'll sleep good tonight!

I also went to Once Upon a Child and found a toy for him. He's been wanting to walk lately, so I got him one of those walk-behind toys for $5. Not bad when they are usually $20-40. So in all it was a good day. :)

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