Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Discoveries

Dawson has been trying to find new things lately. His newest, coolest discovery was this weekend when he was standing next to the bathtub. He then looked over and realized that there's water in the toilet! Oh cool! So he stepped over to that and reached right in! Luckily he can't quite reach the water, and mommy got there just as he was trying out the tip-toes! A couple days later he discovered the toilet paper roll next to the toilet. No more bathroom for Dawson! Now the door stays shut. It's so weird! I keep going up to it and starting to walk away, thinking someone is in there. Then I realize that Dan is outside and I'm the only one here!

For now, he hasn't found too much mischief in the other rooms. He did discover the garbage by my bed, but doesn't go in there unless I do.

He's getting braver at walking next to the couch now. He also learned how to move things I put to block stuff he shouldn't be in. He's becoming quite the fast crawler too! His favorite thing to do is go look outside the patio window. It's just his height, so he can be on his knees or stand up to watch people!

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