Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last night of Rollerskating

Tonight was the last night of rollerskating. They only have adult night through March, and we got him to go an extra month! We tried for May too, but he couldn't do it. It's been a lot of fun. Now I'll have to find another way to meet up with her.

Dawson has been doing more imitating lately. If I laugh, he does. It's really funny. He's also started some bad habits, like spitting his food out at me. Makes for an interesting mealtime. He knows the word "no" and he'll often stop what he's doing if I tell him no, but it hasn't worked for the spitting thing yet.

He's been really ticklish lately too. Before he'd just kinda wiggle a little when I tickled him, now he giggles! It's really fun!

Jenny got him this cute chair at a garage sale, and he loves it! He rocks himself a little bit, but usually just sits there looking cute. He sat in it for about 10 minutes before wanting down today! I tried to help him down before that, and he didn't want to get off it yet!

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