Friday, April 4, 2008

A nice day

It was nice out today, so I put Dawson in the stroller and we went to the little playground at our apartment. Another girl I know was there with her son, so we talked for a while. Dawson enjoyed playing in the grass again. After that we went for a walk. I usually walk around the next door apartment's drive, which is a big 1/2 mile circle, but today I decided to go 1/4 mile further to the used furnature place. I was tired, but it felt good to get out. Those shoes are awesome! My feet didn't hurt at all and neither did my legs! I feel really good, I usually am really sore after a walk like that.

Here's some pics of him with that toy I bought yesterday. He really likes it. I'm gonna take him out in the hallway to walk with it, since he gets so distracted in the apartment!

He likes going 1 handed lately. Sometimes he even completely lets go until he's about to fall over, then he grabs back on again. He's getting really good balance! Today he stood for about 10 seconds all by himself without holding on to anything!

He decided to come see me after I took those pics. It's so cute how he has his tounge out when he's concentrated on something!

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