Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preparing to Start a New Normal

Today I got a few things done. I called and found out that Dawson will be starting school on Monday! His class runs from 1 to 3:30pm, I think Mon-Thurs. Still waiting on the bus to be set up. He really needs to get out, he's feeling so cooped up and getting very irritable. He got to talk to Grandma and Auntie on the webcam today, he really liked that. Tomorrow is his Psychology appointment at 3pm. I've also contacted the Autism Center about home therapy and they'll be getting back to me about that in a few days.

We got another pot of flowers today, they were sitting outside our door, from our apartment manager. It's nice to see some lively flowers in here again. Apparently I was giving them too much care. I was watering them everyday. Like I said, I really know nothing about flowers! We were never allowed to have them here with Tyler.

Gabriel is doing very well, he's starting to scoot around on his belly a little bit and will make his way slowly around the room. He's such an easy going baby, I'm so lucky. He took a bit to adjust to not having many nurses and people's attention all day long, but once he realized he can be on the floor and have toys, he was very happy. He sleeps through the night too.

I haven't been able to do much for cleaning, it was another lazy day for the most part. Hopefully this cold will be gone soon so I can start getting some things done. Right now I can't bend over without my head throbbing, so I'm just taking it easy for now.

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