Friday, April 13, 2012

A Baby is Born!

My friend Sarah, who's kids I often watch, called me Wednesday morning saying she's in labor! So as planned I went and picked up 2 of her kids. The other 2 went to a lady from her church, to spread out the load. Plus if I took them all, I wouldn't be able to fit everyone in my van. So we had her daughter Rain who is almost 5 and her son Alchemy who is 16 months. It's crazy how exciting a new baby is. It's not even by baby and I had to call my mom because I had to tell someone the exciting news! The kids had a great time for the most part. There were times of missing mommy. The little guy had a harder time the first day and her daughter had a harder time the 2nd day, but overall it really wasn't bad. They spend a lot of time here anyway so thankfully they are used to us.

Eating breakfast Wednesday morning. The babies loved having eachother around! They woke up with big smiles and followed eachother around the entire 3 days.
 Having some banana bread for a snack before bed
 Gabriel walking! He is all over the place now. I never see him crawling. He stands up in the middle of the floor and just keeps going.
 Buddy is quite the climber! Gabriel had better not get any ideas. ;)
 Thursday morning was amusing. The little guy had kicked his sister out of bed. I had put him next to the wall to protect him from falling out! The next night he just slept sideways toward the end of the bed. Worked much better.

 Gabriel walking around. Always smiling and so proud of himself. :)
 My friend Katie came over with her daughter and brought a cookie making kit! That kept them entertained for a while.
 Dawson's cookie
 Rain's cookie
 Buddy was excited to get a cookie too.
 The boys were very "helpful".
 Buddy chilling in the evening. Gonna miss this little guy! He's so adorable, went to bed without a fuss, really never cried for anything. Even Gabriel already misses him.

 I've been ordered by many to get a pic of the cute baby, so here he is. :) Astronomy was 10 pounds, 11 ounces! Mommy needed a c-section. Please pray for her as she can't lift anything and now has 5 kids under 5 to care for. I've never had a c-section, so I can't imagine! It's hard enough to care for them after a regular birth.

We returned the kids at 6:30pm on Friday. I got to hold the new baby too. He's so cute and reminds me a lot of Tyler, my 10 pounder. :)

This was Tyler at 2 days old. He came home in a 3 month sleeper. Thankfully I had brought one, just incase!
He was pretty dark, bruised on the way out and a bit jaundice too.
Been missing my little guy more lately, as the weather has been nice and we always took advantage of nice days. Rain made me smile the other day. She was making sure to tell the therapists that Dawson used to have 2 brothers. I thought that was so sweet. I wasn't sure if she knew. I love it when parents share those things with their kids.

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