Monday, April 9, 2012

Healing and Helping

It's been a long weekend of meds, coughing and feeling yucky. Thankfully the worst appears to be over. The kids and I are still on inhalers every 4 hours and Gabriel takes the last of his steroid in the morning. Poor boy has been moody, irritable and overall just feeling yucky. Especially in the morning. They wake up all clogged and coughing. Tonight I'm going to attempt the inhaler while they're asleep so they can get a dose to keep breathing better and hopefully not feel so bad in the morning.

It's been a long day with no therapy since we're sick. They had no school anyway, this was supposed to be our fun spring break. We have had some company though, Megan and Bali have been over for the last 2 days. They actually spent the night last night and tonight too. Bali just got out of the hospital and there are lots of drugs right across her apartment and that smell is getting into their place. Since the Dr's orders were to make sure he isn't around smoke for a while, they decided to stay here instead where they are safer so he can heal. Thankfully today he was finally feeling good enough after a week to start eating and was happier. They are working on getting a better place to live. So frustrating for them. I can't imagine being a single mom. Thankfully the boys all like having eachother around. Dawson woke up this morning and said Bali!!
 Gabriel giving him a kiss.

Gabriel has been walking all over the place. He stands up in the middle of the room. When he falls, he just stands right back up and keeps going. It's crazy seeing him just walking around all the time now. He's very proud of his new skills and is getting so much better each day. He has even mastered the transfer from carpet to kitchen, that metal strip bothered him before. Also turning around isn't as troublesome for him either. He's going to be running around this place in no time!

Dawson had a frustrating, boring day. He was getting into some things and being generally restless. It was cold outside, so we stayed in to protect the lungs. I'm really hoping he'll be coughing less tomorrow so we can have some therapy come work with him.

Having a friend here is rather nice. I had someone to chat with while Dan was at work. It was his 2nd day of work and he's really enjoying it. He puts together engines at Arctic Cat. They are working mandatory 50 hour weeks! She got a relaxing bubble bath and after Dan got home we ran some errands without the kids. So much faster that way! She has a meeting with someone tomorrow about getting a better place to live.

I worked on cleaning the boy's room for a while today. I got a box of medical papers and things gone through and sorted through a few other things. At least 1 box is empty. I was really on a roll until I ran across Tyler's little broken leg shoe. It looked so tiny and just reminded me of how brave he was. He rarely fussed about having a broken leg, he just adapted and figured out how to keep going despite the cast.

Dawson likes having Tyler's bed emptied out again. I had been storing some things in there, but now Bali has been sleeping there. Dawson crawled in and was grinning.
 Since I was cleaning their room, of course that was the place to be. Even though we only use the room for sleep and they are never in there otherwise. Unless I'm trying to clean of course. :)
2 year olds are the best helpers. I've learned I now have to make sure there's nothing in my milk jugs or cartons before I throw them out. I had to cut open and retrieve several pieces of silverware from them today. Never a dull moment! Makes me miss my rambunctious little guy.

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