Monday, December 5, 2011

'Tis the Season

I'm trying to be excited for the Christmas season. Some days I'm feeling it, others I'm just not. I turned on the radio in the car a couple times. I heard "it's the most wonderful time of the year" and "all I want for Christmas is you". The second one I'm agreeing with wholeheartedly, while the other I'm having a tough time with. It's often hard to feel happy and cheerful without Tyler. Dawson is doing a great job in helping me be excited though. He's finally old enough to be excited about things and it's so much fun. We put the tree up Sunday night. I guess I should say that Dan put the tree up, I sat on the couch and took pictures and watched Dawson excitedly bounce around the room and try to "help". ;) 
 Dawson wasn't sure what to do, but he was excited, so he just decided to hug the tree.
 Dad added the 2nd layer, it's getting BIG!
 Here it is! Dawson is beyond excited and almost literally bouncing off the walls with joy.
 Gabriel loves the tree too! This didn't last long at all. After gazing at it's glowing glory, he decided to start playing with the tree. The next afternoon he got more rambunctious and almost knocked the whole thing over on himself.
 Dec 4th he started crawling! Watch out world, Gabriel is on the move! His first act of mischief was the garbage. Which I just found cute since he was so proud of himself for getting into something. He wasn't sure what to even do with it after he'd knocked it over. He just knew it was what he was supposed to do. I think it must be hardwired in there.
 Dawson helped bake cookies
 Dan went out and took a pic of our apartment from the outside. So pretty!
 The tree is all decorated. We put the fence up since Gabriel almost knocked it over on himself and his goal for every moment of the day was to play with or eat the tree.
The fence also allowed us to start putting gifts under the tree. These are all from our clinic! I was very surprised. Our nurses had said they referred us for their program, but I assumed it would just be a couple things for the boys. Instead we each got several things! People are just so amazing.
 Tonight we put up this little tree in honor of Tyler
 I'd bought a pack of Cars ornaments for it too

 These are on the big tree, their handprints from 2010. They look so tiny!
 One of my favorites, from the year we were married.
Someone got us this ornament the year Tyler was diagnosed. They're found at Target for sure, though I didn't see them this year so far. The funds go to Childhood Cancer Awareness. The butterfly is one of the symbols for Childhood Cancer research.
Dawson loves this frame. I need to get Gabriel in there, but I don't have a 5x7 of him yet. Dawson looks at it and he'll say "Dawson, Tyler, Tyler, Dawson, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler Dawson...." It's pretty cute.

Thankfully Dawson has been ok the last couple days. We've been home for the most part too. A friend stopped over with some toys, books and clothes. Dawson loves the things she brought and hasn't hardly put them down since! He now has a Vtech writing toy and a little compact easel that has a dry erase board on one side and chalk board on the other. He also has a tv dance cam that I haven't showed him yet. He's going to be so excited though. When we go to Walmart or stores with those little tvs that show you walking into the store, I have to just about drag him away from them. He'll walk past, looking up the whole way. Then he'll back up and giggle when he comes back on the screen. Then he jumps around and does silly things. Meanwhile everyone is looking at us funny. It's amusing. So I'm thinking he's going to love this thing.

Gabriel is loving his new found crawling skill and has been really all over the place! He hasn't ventured all the way down to the hallway yet, but I'm sure he will in the next few days. Here's a video of him the day he started crawling 

We have some things to look forward to this week, like rollerskating, the Children's Museum, MOPS, a playdate and some visitors. I love having things going on everyday, gives me something to look forward to each day. :)

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GlitterchixChix4u said...

I'm sure Tyler loves the tree, too. As he is always watching over his family <3 I know the holiday is going to be tough since it's the fist one without Tyler, but you have two beautiful boys that need the Christmas cheer :) You and your husband deserve it, too since you have been through so much this past year. Here is to a new New Year and hope sunshine somehow comes your way. Always remember Tyler is with you no matter what and he wants his family to be happy.