Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Velcro Board Schedule

Dawson's teacher sent home the velcro boards we talked about and it's already going pretty well. He was excited to see it and started using it right away. I had some people wondering what a velcro schedule is, so here it is! Having grown up with a special needs sibling, I often forget that many people don't know what this stuff is. ;)

I taped his schedule to the fridge, it's laminated so it should last a while. Just a strip of velcro on the side to stick the little squares to. The little squares are also laminated and have a little square of velcro on the back. The orange pocket is for the things we've already done, so when he finishes something, he removes the square and puts it in the pocket and then looks to see what's next. It really helps him transition between places and activities when he knows what's coming and what to expect.
 Tuesday is his day off therapy, so this evening was simple. He chose pretzels for snack, then he got to play until supper, for which he chose pizza.
 This is his Choice Board. I put up all his options and he gets to pick one. On this one he got to pick 1 from each row. Sometimes I'll just use the whole board and have him pick one.
 Haven't used this little card yet, but she wanted to throw in the first-then card too. So as an example, this one-on-one work, which will be used to symbol his therapists, will come before his computer time. He often wants to skip right to the computer, but we're trying to get him to work for his computer time. It seems to be going ok, depends on the day.
 Here are the meal cards
 Daily living/school
 More food
 Gabriel deciding he wants a part of this. He picked up the school card. So not ready for that baby!
 Dawson was helping me set up and put them away. His teacher said if I need a picture for anything else, to just let her know. This is just to get started, we do plan on adding more.
Never fails that once I say Gabriel might be starting something soon, he goes ahead and does it the next day. He's been practicing walking next to things now and even going from one thing to something very close by. He'll hold on with 1 hand when he's just standing there. A couple times he tried to let go completely, but wasn't quite ready for that. He's such a determined baby! He's been walking holding our hands more easily now too.
We had a nice evening, we went rollerskating and got to visit with friends. After some slight panic over Dawson losing my keys at the sitter's house, we got home and Dawson quickly fell asleep. Every night I'm so impressed with how easy it is! I really should've started the suppliment a year ago when I heard about it! It's been nice skating every week again and being active. Sitting around the hospital all day was so depressing. The only walk I got was down to the cafeteria. Plus I tend to stress eat, on top of just having a baby, I really didn't lose any of the baby weight. I noticed I'm down a couple pounds this week, so maybe that will continue. Not counting on it with Christmas being this weekend though!

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