Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Week

This week has been a fun one. We played at the mall, went to MOMS and ECFE class, had some playdates with a new friend and her 2 year old and played outside in the snow. Today was a snow day, we got about 6 inches overnight, so I took Dawson outside while Gabriel napped. I got the snow off our cars and switched carseats back to the van. Dan had used it the other day. Then since Dawson was still climbing piles of snow I started getting the snow off everyone else's car at our apartment. It was good exercise! I was pretty tired by the time I was done and Dawson was happy and tired too. It's interesting that 2 days ago Dawson was riding his bike around outside and today he played in snow hills. Hopefully we'll go back to our mild winter soon.

We still went skating tuesday night. We were the only people who came! After a while a couple of the manager's friends showed up, but it was interesting having the place to ourselves. Dawson loved playing with the girls too. They got a new Toy Story video game and Dawson handed me the controller so I was playing it. Was so funny, I haven't played video games in a while and never an x-box, so I was trying to remember what button did what and I had 4 toddlers shouting directions at me! Dawson was just going along with whatever the girls were saying. It was so funny, I was almost laughing too hard to concentrate at times.

Last night I had a dream about a tornado. Ironic since overnight there was a bad tornado in IL! Of course my dream turned into bad guys attacking us and I was trying to charge and throw balls at them. I guess that video game stuck with me! Dreams get so much more weird once you add your kid's stuff to the mix. I often wake up with the theme song to a cartoon in my head too. The other day it was Veggie Tales, and I'd only watched it once!

Gabriel is getting so big! He turned 11 months yesterday and he is now able to walk by just holding onto 1 hand. We were playing with some toys and he said "A" and "O". The other day he said "bubble" and "ba" for ball. He's saying "mum" more too now. It's so weird hearing him say and repeat things. I know we aren't supposed to compare kids, but he's saying as much as Dawson did at 2 1/2! He claps, waves, gives high fives sometimes. He climbs stairs, eats pretty much anything, he babbles at other kids too.

I have had a horrible headache for the last 2 days. It's just gradually getting worse, so I'm already dreading tomorrow. Nothing seems to be helping. Hopefully the boys will let me nap a bit. I'm really hoping there is school, because usually Gabriel naps in the afternoon and I can nap too.

Gabriel always sleeps in the corner of his crib, usually with his butt in the air.
 Books that are going to the hospital for parent resources. I was going through some unpacked boxes and realized I had a lot of cancer books!
 Dawson decided this would be a good place to have a snack. I've been cleaning out things and had this in the hallway for a bit for Gabriel to play with. He barely fit into the seat.
 Gabriel was helping me decide what's for supper. He was mostly just excited to see the door open, since there's locks on all the doors now.

 Sharing a snack. Dawson is getting so much better at sharing! He usually has to be reminded, but it's a big improvement.
 Yummy crackers
 Dawson was trying to get out of the seat. I'm surprised he was able to stand up. I didn't see how he managed to do that but he walked around for a little bit before he accepted he wasn't getting it off and let me help.
 Dawson wanted to watch some videos of Tyler. He loves watching them and is always smiling and giggling.
 He loves his brother so much. It's sad that all he has left is pictures and videos.
 He gets so excited that he can't sit still, so he gets up and sits back down many times.

 So excited. Tyler's videos are very funny. This is one of his favorites, the one he was watching.

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