Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Memories

Today was a good day! The only unplanned thing was Dawson not going to school. For some reason I had him down as going and there were no afternoon classes. He did great with the change though. We ran a couple errands instead and played in the play area at the mall. He loved it! He ran around and was great with the other kids this time.

We got this drawer thing from Dan's sister. The boys decided they wanted to play in it. So I put Gabriel in it on his side, closed the drawer and sat him up. He was giggling and smiling so big. Especially when Dawson or I would peek in through the handle.
 He was so excited, Dawson was laughing so hard at Gabriel being in there.
 Then Dawson wanted a turn. I seriously had my doubts, I mean how big could this drawer possibly be. But he fit. Barely. He thought it was pretty funny too.
 They switched spots, playing peek a boo

 Dawson thought it was pretty funny when I'd open the drawer back up. Even looking at the pictures afterward he was laughing so hard he could barely catch his breath.
 Look at me!
 You wouldn't think that could possibly be comfortable, but he was giggling the whole time! I didn't let him stay in there for very long though. It was apparently more comfortable once he was upright.
 Gabriel looking at Dawson in the box. Dawson was in fits of giggles looking at this one and seeing his hand inside the box. Not sure why we bother with toys when boxes are this much fun. ;)
 Dawson has been playing in the sinks lately and making a big mess, so for an hour before school I let him have some sensory time in the bathtub. I promised him no "bath" since he hates getting his hair washed, but this was just to have fun in the water. He loved it! I put those ball pit balls in the tub too and he loved moving them back and forth in the water.
Dawson had a great session with his therapist today and a fun evening playing Wii bowling. His newest show he watches is Sid the Science Kid. He got it for Christmas and seems to like it. This evening he woke up and was upset but did go back to sleep after some hugs and kisses. Seemed like he might've had a dream or something.

I got some videos of the boys tonight. This is one of Gabriel's favorite things to do lately as far as imitating goes.

Gabriel claps and imitates a couple sounds now! Dawson also spells his name.

Gabriel clapping and the boys interacting. It looks like Gabriel fell, but he just went down the slide on his legs and I caught him.

Dawson singing his ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too hard of a day. 2/2/12 marks 3 months without Tyler.

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