Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Bike and Chocolate

Dawson is a very excited little boy. On Thursday we looked at bikes at Walmart and figured out what size to get him. On Friday we went to Toys R Us and looked at more bikes since they didn't have many at Walmart. Dawson rode a few and then I showed him this one. He got a huge grin and hopped on it. I asked him if he wanted to try another one after that and he said "no, this is Dawson's bike!" He was set on it and I was loving it, since it happened to be on sale for a great deal too!

Cars bike!
 A very happy boy
 Riding in the small amount of apartment hallway. Just for pics.
 We brought it in to check it out some more.
 Gabriel approves
 I think the excitement is contagious
 Picture on the sie
 Gabriel checking out his future bike, since it will be his. Eventually. He has a ways to grow yet. :)
 Stuffed animals! I got out a few things this weekend and decided to get the puppets out for Dawson and a couple for Gabriel. We have a lot of stuffed animals, but wasn't allowed to have them around with Tyler.
Thank you everyone who's responded to honor Tyler for his birthday. We have at least 3 new Bone Marrow Registry members, some toys on the way and some money donated for a good cause. Thank you all so much!

This evening I had a Dove chocolate party. We had 6 friends come and it was nice seeing them. The chocolate was yummy and I even got some free host rewards, especially since everyone ordered something! Was a nice treat having people over. I haven't done it much.

We had a fairly busy day, Dan is working on his sister's vehicle so she was here all day. I was cleaning and getting things ready for the party. Then I took Dawson outside to ride his bike and he wanted to go on the trail, so we ended up going for a walk too. Was a pretty nice day for it, got a bit cold after a while though. Dawson is doing great with his bike, he's fallen a couple times but gets right back on. He was getting bored and a bit difficult toward the end of our walk but otherwise it went well. Thankfully no Asthma issues this time, and even better, my legs weren't sore at all and I even jogged a little bit. My ankle has been feeling pretty good lately too. I'm hoping this weather will continue to be nice so we can get outside more.

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Bobbi Watley said...

Getting a bike is a huge right of passage for kids these days & was when I was a kid, too. The next big thing will be when he gets his drivers license. Enjoy the bike years for as LONG as you can! LOL.

Great pics! Loved the ones of Gaberiel on the bike. He's already got some gears grinding I'm his head with his eye set towards riding that bike, too. Won't be long & he will be zooming around on it too!