Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worry and Fun

We had a pretty good day. Dawson's home therapist cancelled this morning due to an eye infection, so we had a very relaxing morning. After he went to school, the rest of us went to the bank to set up an account for Dawson's SSI. The lady at the bank was so impressed with Gabriel. She said she's never seen a baby or young child sit for so long without making a fuss at all. He was just sitting in his stroller looking around, snacking on some Kix cereal. We were there for 40 minutes! Not a single fuss or anything. I love this little guy!

Speaking of Gabriel, I didn't mention his Dr appointment that was Monday. He's been sleeping a lot, looking pale and seemed to have low blood oxygen just from what I've noticed. The Dr had said to re-check his hemoglobin at his 1 year appointment, but that's the end of March. I was starting to go crazy worrying about it and just needed that peace of mind. I called and spoke with the nurse, told her the signs I've been seeing and she agreed that we should come in, for peace of mind if nothing else. I got him an appointment the same afternoon. We had been at a playdate in the morning, dropped Dawson off at school and then was going to let Gabriel play in the mall play area for an hour while we wait for the appointment. He loves that place. When I got to the mall, only a few blocks from Dawson's school, Gabriel was sleeping again. I ended up letting him nap in the car.

We got to the clinic and of course he had slept, so he was very awake and perky. Smiling at the nurse and everything. He weighed 23 pounds 2 ounces at 10 1/2 months. No wonder my back hurts! The Dr assured me that he looks fine and he doesn't have that feeling like he did with Tyler. They were completely understanding of why I was going crazy and they did decide to run labs just to check. They did a full count check and we had to wait about 20 minutes for him to stop bleeding. It was making me so nervous. The lab tech assured me that many kids bleed a lot, but I don't remember him doing that before, plus it's another sign of bad counts. More freaking out! Gabriel was so good during the labs, he didn't cry or make a face at all. He watched the lady get the vile ready and watched close as she poked his finger, but never flinched. He was very interested in watching the blood drop into the tube too. Most kids are freaking out by this point, even Tyler screamed and fought it everytime. I asked the nurse to call me either way and she said she would, though it would probably be morning when they do.

I got about 4 blocks down the road and I got a phone call. It was the clinic. Thankfully I was stopped at a stoplight! The only time they've ever called me back so fast was when they found Tyler's bad results in the beginning. I barely answered it in time, I was just staring at the number hoping it would somehow be someone else! It was the nurse, which was a bit of a relief. If it's really bad news, the Dr calls himself. She said his hemoglobin was a tiny bit up from before, but only a couple points. The concern was that the cells are smaller than they should be. They prescribed straight iron drops and told me not to worry too much. Yeah right! I've been around the Hem/Onc population too long to not worry. Small cells can mean bad things, worse case scenario. It's hard to be in the mindset that your child is not going to be that worse case since we've already been there. Things don't just happen to other people anymore. It's amazing how many medical problems there are, just for children alone. You start wondering how anyone gets through childhood with all that is out there to get them.

Now Gabriel gets straight iron drops along with the vitamin with iron drops he was on already. Thankfully the iron doesn't taste bad, it's kinda minty. The vitamin drops are just gross. Our evening med/vitamin routine just continues to get longer, we now have 2 for Gabriel and 5 for Dawson. Thankfully it's still going pretty well. Dawson is willing for most of it.

Dawson wasn't thrilled about going to ECFE class tonight, so I asked if I should take pictures and he said yes. He loves looking back at the pics later.
 My shoulder is about at the top of the slide, this is a really tall climber/slide! Gabriel can climb the whole thing by himself!!!
 Making his way up
 Got to the top! All he needs help with is sliding down, he won't even think about doing it himself until I put him there and help him, which is a good thing!
 Ball pit! Another favorite
 Watching Dawson pedal his trike around the gym is fun too. Dawson sings songs the entire time.
Gabriel doesn't need help getting in the ball pit anymore either. It's crazy seeing him do all these things that he needed help with only a couple weeks ago.
 Tunnel! He gets through this thing so fast! It's over 6 feet long and I can barely put him in one side and hurry around to get a pic!
 He had no problem navigating the incline either
 Ooooh, what is this?
 I like it!
 The swing is still a favorite.
 He looks so comfy in there. I think we need one of these at home. I doubt our apartment would want us drilling a huge hole for the mount in the ceiling though!
 So comfy
 These two often swing together. I'm surprised she looked at me, most of the time they are both busy staring and oogling over eachother. It's pretty cute. They usually draw a crowd of cooing adults as well.
 Dawson had a fun evening. After class we went to Walmart. I wanted to know what size bike he needs, so we tried some out. He had a blast. He rode up and down the aisle giggling. I barely got him off the bike though, he was ready to ride home I think! I told him he will get a bike, but I want to look somewhere else first. He wasn't getting it. So we changed the subject. Ice cream? Yep, that worked. Was on my list anyway. :) 

 I love getting pictures of both! They're so cute.
 Standing up on his own! He's been doing that for longer periods now. He'll flap his arms and get all excited about standing on his own. It's so cute.
 Mommy and Gabriel
Incase you're wondering what happened to my appreciated people posts, I've decided to take a more private approach to it. I think some people prefer to be more private about some things and I just felt a bit weird putting it out on the blog not knowing what they thought about it. So I'm just sending them a personal message instead. :)

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