Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Today went pretty fast. Tyler nursed a lot this morning as usual, so we just layed around and didn't do much all morning. It was snowing and blowing so I really wasn't in the mood to do much anyway!

I finished the movie we watched last night. I had fallen asleep towards the end. Then I had to return it before 9pm. I was hoping the snow would stop, or at least the wind would die down but it didn't. I finally ventured out around 8pm, at least there was less traffic. Dawson slept through the entire trip and Tyler wasn't so happy about being in his carseat again. He is really against that thing! Thankfully there's a redbox in the entry of the McDonalds that's like 6 blocks away, so we just went there, didn't even have to drag the kids in. So we were there and back within 10 minutes. :)

The snow put me in the mood to get the tree up. I've been meaning to do it but either I'm unmotivated or the kids are being too needy for me to get enough done. Today they were playing pretty nicely by themselves for a while so I decided to go at it. Got the entire corner cleaned up before Tyler started crying. I brought him over to help with the tree. He thought the branches were really funny. Dawson helped too, he handed me branches out of the box. I got the lights on the tree but that's as far as I got before Dan got home and Tyler wouldn't settle down anymore. Apparently holding him while still working on the tree isn't adequate attention! At least it's up, that's the biggest part. Dawson was so nice and layed out all the ornaments for me while I nursed Tyler. How helpful. :)  I put them all away, much to his disappointment. It was his bedtime anyway so I figure he can help me decorate tomorrow.

That's about it for today, didn't seem like we did much. Tyler thought the snow was cool, the cold patio door was amusing to him. He's getting pretty close to crawling, he can move his knees but they slip on the carpet and he falls. He just needs to figure out the arms and we're in trouble!

Tyler exploring the tree

He liked hitting the branches

Dawson being helpful

The finished tree, Dawson had already started pulling ornaments out!

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