Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carriers and Crawling

Dawson has had a lot of energy as usual lately. Everyday he empties his toy box, not sure why since he never plays with the toys, but it must be empty. He's quickly realizing that Tyler is becoming more of a threat. He tries to hide toys from him and often takes away what Tyler is playing with. He still doesn't like being next to him unless it's on his terms. Otherwise they do play side by side often.

Tyler is doing good. He took 3 crawling steps towards me last night. He was very determined and went all 3 without stopping! Usually he'll crawl a step, flop on the floor, then get up and try again. When Dawson saw him come towards me, he had this horrified look on his face as he realized that Tyler may be mobile one day! Should be interesting to see what happens once he is!

The last few nights Tyler has slept in his crib. 1 night I just got lucky transferring him into there. The other 2 night I let him cry a bit and he fell asleep. He knows his crib means sleep, he just prefers being up with me. Last night he cried for about 5 minutes. Tonight it was maybe 1-2. I put him in there, went to the bathroom, sat down at the computer and he stopped. Pretty good! Hopefully bedtime routine will continue to go well.

Tyler's central line has us questioning things again but we're holding off since there's no visible evidence of it and last time we went through quite a run around. I'm planning to bring it up on Monday, unless it gets worse. I'm a bit nervous about Monday now, Dan just saw the weather report, we're supposed to get a snowstorm just as I'll be driving into the cities. I'm debating just leaving the night before and get a room at the RM house. Maybe I'll call just call them tomorrow and see if there'd be a room available for the night.

I got my Mei Tai carrier in the mail. It's really comfortable and easy to put on. Another cancer mom made it and used it until her son was about 2 years old and wanted me to have it for Tyler. People are so nice!! We also got another ornament in the mail, this one is like a wooden block, with different things on each side. It says baby's first christmas, one side holds a little picture. It's really cute.

I've been getting stuff done lately. I decorated the tree a bit today, went through the bottles and figured out what I wanted to keep and give away. That made more room for the baby food. I also went through Tyler's dresser and a garbage bag full of clothes that he now fits. Lots of cute outfits to choose from for the holidays!

Tyler somehow got himself in under this thing. Not sure how, since you have to climb up a bit and crawl into it! He wasn't so happy about not being able to get out though!

This is the Moby Wrap I got in the mail earlier this week. He sure liked it!

This is the Mei Tai carrier I just talked about. He was trying to turn around and look at the tv

Dawson's nap was getting a bit late, so I let Tyler wake him up! He was thrilled to be able to really explore his brother without getting swatted away. He poked at him for a few minutes before Dawson even woke up!

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