Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Care, Shopping and Crazy Boys

This morning started out with a visit from Tyler's Home Care nurse, Jenny. I like her a lot better than her substitute, that other lady annoys me to no end! Jenny is our case manager too. The only thing I didn't like was I smelled smoke on her when she arrived today. That really bothers me. Anyway, Tyler was perfect for her, sat still and smiled. He decided to do the syringe flush himself today, once the nurse got the syringe on his tube, Tyler grabbed it away from her and tried pushing on it. He's not quite strong enough though, I think he had a bad angle on it. Was pretty cute though, he defintely has the concept. How sad is that?!

I have Home Care call me as soon as they recieve his results. Jenny also said she put a rush order on the labs so they'll get done faster. They used to fax them to Children's Clinic and our clinic nurse Mary would call me. Well that takes half the day and I'd like to prepare if we need to go! I'm not taking Dawson with me this time because Tyler needs a bunch of things done and Dawson only lasts so long there. So Home Care called about an hour after Jenny left, saying the results are in. His counts were up but still far below normal. I asked for the ANC and she had no clue what I was talking about. Nobody does! I don't understand it, but I have to explain what ANC is to every person I call to get counts from, except the Children's nurses, they get it. An hour later she called back and said that she had recieved the ANC results. It was low, so we will be doing more labs on Friday.

I both like and dislike lab days. I like it because it drives me nuts not to know what his counts are, since I got used to that everyday in the hospital. I dislike lab days because I never know what time they are coming! It's not an appt, it's "we'll be there in the morning". To some nurses that means 8am, to others that means 10am! Being 2nd shift people, it's not easy getting up at 8, but I don't want to be scurrying to get dressed if they knock on my door at 8am either! So that's frustrating. I also don't like waiting around for results, I feel like half the morning is waiting and the other half is spent on the phone between Home Care and the Children's nurse! I consider myself lucky if we get everything figured out by 2pm!

Dawson slept through labs today, so Tyler and I got to go back to bed. For about an hour, which really means I didn't get any extra sleep! Tyler wants to nurse, then with waiting for the phone to ring, I really can't sleep anyway. Last night went well though, Dan put Dawson to bed and he didn't even cry at all! He was pretty tired. Tyler was awake and bouncing between Dan and I while we watched Pearl Harbor (Dan's idea, since today was the day it happened). He finally fell asleep and I tried putting him in his crib. It worked!! I don't know if it was the way I layed him down (boppy first, then him instead of all at once), or if he was just that tired. Who knows. Hopefully he'll sleep in there again tonight! He did wake up once and came in with me, so I think he slept in his crib about 4-5 hours.

Dawson had a bit of a rough day. He seemed to be trying to make a statement or something. For a while he was a 2 year old on a rampage! He knocked a couple speakers over, was hitting the tv, making a mess, taking Tyler's pacifier (hasn't happened in a while) and anything he could think of to get attention. Not sure what brought on this sudden bad behavior, nothing really changed in our schedule today. I actually had Tyler in my lap less today, so I don't get it. This was throughout the day. It ended with me finding that he'd chewed and spit out half his apple. I had him help me clean it up. Just what I need when I'm trying to keep the place clean for Tyler is tiny pieces of rotting apple all over!! He's especially sensitive to mold, so we had to make sure to clean it up really good.

Tyler was really good today for the most part. He played on the floor and scooted around backwards, sitting up when he found something he wanted to play with. It's cute how he can get around now. I'm sure I'll take that back later! He's been more curious lately. Last night he was trying to pick my moles off, which really hurts! Today he was sitting in my lap at the computer desk and was grabbing at things on my desk. I had been snacking, thankfully I was done. He threw my plate onto the floor, then grabbed my cup. Unfortunately I had just filled the cup with really cold water from the fridge. It spilled on both of us, getting our left legs wet. He didn't even cry! I was surprised, he looked more sheepish than surprised. I think he realized he did it to himself! 

We went out for a bit today. I wasn't planning on it, but I realized some of the diapers on Tyler's shelf were actually Dawson's. This left Tyler with about 5 diapers! So we went to Target for diapers and got a free Redbox since it's the first Monday of the month (they text a code to my phone). We also went to Cub because we were out of some things already. Tyler barely made it through Target, and that was a quick 5 minute trip. I put him in the Bjorn for Cub and he was so happy with that. Got all my stuff, Dawson was sleeping in the basket so I was putting things around him and in Tyler's carrier. Got up to the register and the lady was asking questions about Tyler, I get that all the time. Then there was a goof up with an item so we had to wait a while. The manager came and fixed it, then bagged my groceries for me. She noticed Dawson in the cart and called someone to bring me another cart. Not only that, she made the cart boy wheel the other cart out for me. I'm used to doing everything myself, so this was weird and a little embarassing! As if having a baby with a mask doesn't turn enough heads! I even told her I usually just put the bags below the cart, but she insisted. It was nice though, the guy even offered to put the stuff in my car but I declined. Nice to see people thinking of others though. Half the time I feel rushed to get my change and wallet put away before the person behind me runs me over in a huff!

Other than shopping I really didn't get anything done today. Labs and cleaning Dawson's messes really took up the majority of my day! I'm hoping to get a bit cleaned tonight before Dan gets home so I can at least feel like I got something accomplished! As for pics, I'm using my desktop now, and all the new pics are on my laptop. I do have lots of cute new pics, so I think I'll have those uploading while I clean. :)

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