Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping and Packages in the Mail

The boys and I went shopping tonight. That was both fun and very cold! We went to Payless for some boots for Dawson. They only had 1 pair for toddler boys! It was too narrow. The lady working there was pretty rude, didn't think they could possibly be too narrow since they make boots wider to begin with. I couldn't find boots either, not a big surprise there.

We went to Walmart and looked at toys. Trying to figure out what to get the boys for Christmas! I have no clue! I look at things and just know they'll play with it for a few days and it'll just end up being kicked around after that! The boys loved looking at toys, they were both trying to reach and push all the buttons. They weren't too happy that I limited their button pushing, for fear that everyone else had touched them too and who knows what germs are on there! After the toys Dawson had a meltdown. I'd wondered at what age they start realizing that you can bring home things from the store, thus wanting whatever they see. Apparently that is now! Unfortunately for Dawson, the only thing that resulted from his tantrum was being moved to the seat of the cart and strapped in, since he was trying to fling himself out of the cart basket.

After the toys we went to the Christmas section. I went over to the singing, dancing stuffed animals and they loved that. Tyler got excited from the beginning. Dawson was trying his hardest not to smile but I could tell he was struggling by the 3rd one. We came to this rapping Christmas puppy who was breakdancing on his butt and he totally lost it. Both the boys were all giggles, it was so cute. We had a smaller tantrum on the way away from those, I think he realized it did him no good the last time either!

I found boots for Dawson, they were cool Transformer boots, the only ones I found that fit him. I put them on and the velcro didn't even go all the way over to the other side! So they fit, they just wouldn't close! I was so frustrated. Don't they try them on a person before putting them on the shelves? The velcro would work great if his legs were the size of his wrist!

We also went to the library and got a couple movies for Dan and I this weekend and some Blue's Clues for the boys. That kept them entertained while I cleaned up and put away the groceries.

I still haven't decorated the tree, it has 1 ornament on it, one I just got in the mail yesterday. She found it at Target, from the Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. It's pretty! She also included a Leap Frog Phonics alphabet toy, a Moby Wrap for carrying Tyler in so I can get things done around the house, and a gift card, as if the gifts weren't enough!! Some people are just so nice, it's overwhelming.

I got Dawson's potty chair in the mail today. I didn't find one in the stores that I liked, people had said the store ones don't work well for boys so I got the one they recommended. It looks like it should work a lot better. Not pushing the potty training yet, he's just now starting to acknowledge when he needs a diaper. I thought it'd be nice to have it though, for whenever he's more ready.

Tomorrow Tyler gets labs and the lady is going to call to schedule Dawson's development evaluation appointment, based on how the labs are. Hopefully we can get going with this next round so we can get to maintenance and get into somewhat of a normal routine again.

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