Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Clinic Day

Tyler went to DTC today (Diagnostic Treatment Center) at the Children's Clinic. He goes there for all spinal taps and biopsies. We got there at 7:30am like scheduled. He couldn't eat past 4am so it was a long night and I didn't sleep a wink. He finally did though, he got about 2 hours between the car ride and the 30 minutes he slept at home before we left. They prepped him (took temp, blood pressure and put the heart monitor stickers and blood oxygen monitor on), then we waited 2 hours for them to come do his spinal tap. It's a crazy system, they have everyone come at 7:30am, then they get to people in the order that they came in. They told us that we were one of the first ones there! I'd hate to be a person who showed up late! Almost tempting to just show up at 9 instead, but then who knows how long we'd be waiting.

As usual, I stayed with him until he was asleep. They did it differently, which made him mad. Had to keep telling myself I'm not allowed to take over! They put the oxygen on before he was totally asleep. He needed more Propofol, after fighting the oxygen they listened and gave him more, then he was out. Poor baby.

He looks so little sleeping on that bed

They put a rolled up washcloth under his neck for good airflow

Poor baby had 2 bruises after the spinal tap this time. He doesn't always, they must've had issues. :( 

At least Dawson found something to do. He loves Tyler's toy bar on the carseat, so I just strapped him in there. Kept him happy for an extra hour, especially once I got out the snacks. He had crackers and a sucker. He was really having a hard time being patient, there was nothing to do! Some rooms have toys, but not that one. They had books and he lost interest after the first 30 minutes. The TV's sound wasn't working, so he wasn't interested in silent cartoons. He just wanted to run out of the room, so I had to strap him into the stroller. Hated to do it but Tyler was hooked to 2 machines and I couldn't run after Dawson anymore. They only have a bed in the room, so I have to hold Tyler or sit on the bed with him. The railings aren't good enough, he can slip right through the cracks.

Tyler got his steroid cheeks back. We're currently weaning the steroids, they'll be done on Sunday, so 5 more days left! Hopefully he'll be less fussy once they're gone. It's been a long 2 1/2 weeks with the steroids!

Hard to get a nice pic of him lately when he's fussing all the time, but look at that chin! Thankfully the double chin goes away after the steroids are done. Wish we could all say the same. ;)

  We all took a nap on the couch in the evening since we'd had a long day. Dawson didn't start out like this, but it's how I found him when I woke up! 

Here's Tyler in the outfit he got from Great Grandma. It looks so comfy! It was nice having a long sleeved onsie that fit him since his central line holder got dirty and we had to go without for a while. 


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