Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're Home!

Had a busy but good day. There's no place like home! I got the official word around 10am that we're going home. I got the Ronald McDonald house packed up and cleaned in an hour! New record I think! I was prepared too though, I had already gathered things into boxes so I didn't have a ton to do. Picked up Tyler's antibiotic at the pharmacy, went over meds and things about Tyler with the nurse and got him out of there. We were pulling out around 12:45.

The boys did great once we got home. Tyler played by himself for 2 hours! He was loving the new place and new toys. Especially with his new abilities! He can go from sitting to laying, roll over, get on hands and knees, and hands and feet. He can also get back into a sitting position from his hands and knees. A bit later he was standing up against something and let go for a couple seconds. He fell down but that didn't faze him, he was laughing, happy at the fact that he actually stood by himself!

Dawson is enjoying being at home. Not liking that Tyler is getting so much attention though. Any attention at all and Dawson is right there, trying to get some of it back. He played with toys he hasn't seen in a while, so that kept him pretty occupied. I put in Blue's Clues and he smiled and said "Blue". Haven't heard that one before. He didn't get the L sound, but a lot of kids this age don't either. He was running back and forth through the apartment. He was just so happy to have so much space to run in! The hospital room doesn't really have enough room for a 2 year old to play.

I have a lot to do this week. We need groceries, I have to clean, unpack, organize several areas. Some of it I have to do tomorrow, other stuff will take a while. Now that I'm home I'd like to get working on some areas that are bugging me around the apartment. I want to especially organize Tyler's stuff a bit better. Everytime we come home from the hospital, we get more supplies and stuff that's half used up. Then we get back and get more of it. I cringe to think about how many half used tubes of diaper rash ointment and other things I have in there! I really miss the hospital crib! You really get spoiled with those. Goes all the way down to the mattress, has a door on the end so you don't have to slide it down sometimes. And the biggest thing, Tyler is used to sleeping on an incline! I realized this as I layed him down and he screamed and tried sitting back up. So he's sleeping in his boppy in the crib for now. He was there too, so it helps to have something familiar to sleep with.

Bedtime was tough. Tyler fell asleep around 11pm and I put him in his crib with no issues. Then I put Dawson to bed around 12:30. He cried and screamed until he woke up Tyler. So I went and got Tyler out, put Dawson back to bed and left the room. Dawson was NOT happy that Tyler got out and he didn't! So he took a lot longer to go to sleep. Finally at 2am Dawson was sleeping and Tyler had fallen asleep on my lap, so I put him in there. The nurse says he sleeps though the night, so I'm hoping that's the case at home too!

Playing together

Playing just after we got home, they made this mess in about 5 minutes.

Dawson was running and jumping all over once he got home, he was pretty happy. :)
 Coincidence? Didn't seem like it. He picked through and collected some yellow blocks, then looked in the toybox and found his yellow ducks and threw them into the kitchen too.

Tyler is getting more active! He's getting very comfortable changing positions.

Playtime in Tyler's crib

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