Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we drove around a bit and looked at all the lights around town. It was nice and peaceful. Not a lot of people out and about since the stores were closed. We opened presents with the family that night. We had planned on going to my parent's house, but my brother Justin got sick. Dawson got a play telephone, Lego set and a Blue's Clues DVD. Tyler got a ball that rolls a little by itself, it has buttons and lights, connector things and a turtle drum.

Dawson loved opening presents, he was also concerned about keeping the paper picked up. If only he was this particular about his toys!

Dawson was so excited to get his phone, he wouldn't even stop playing to let me take it out of the package!

Tyler didn't understand the paper yet, so Dawson gladly helped him out with that

Then they decided to trade toys for a while. Tyler grabbed Dawson's phone seconds after this pic! Dawson still plays with those connector things more than Tyler does.

Dawson was excited to see his Blue's Clues movie

Tyler got a drum from the medical supplier. It's his favorite toy so far. It makes noise and lights up when you hit it. The head comes off and is a maraca and the tail is a kazoo.

They both think it's pretty neat

Dawson likes talking on his phone. He says "Hi", "Oh" (hello), "uh huh", (then giggles), (random babble), "buh" (bye), and hangs up and grins. It's pretty cute, I got it on video too! Click on Dawson's Video to watch!

He was excited to watch his new movie too

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