Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we went to my Grandma's house. My parents and siblings couldn't go because of the flu, but my aunt and uncle were there with their families. It was fun but weird not having my family there. Had a good time, got to know everyone a little better. Dawson got his own tableware set and a 5 piece wildlife set with deer, elk, a bear and a couple other animals. Tyler got an outfit and a toy keyring. Dan got some nuts, candy and the Star Trek movie. I got a frying pan, container and napkin holder.

The snow wasn't that bad, it was slushy but the roads were mostly just wet. It was nothing compared to what they were talking about. Can't imagine staying home because of it. It was pretty nice out too, hardly cold for MN. The snow was even melting! Thought that made it a bigger problem the next day, when that froze and it snowed over top of the ice. I went out Saturday evening with the kids, Dan wasn't feeling well. 3 out of my 4 car doors were froze shut. Thankfully I could get in the driver's side. I managed to get both kids in from my door by laying my seat back.

The boys, all dressed up. Tyler wasn't so happy to be put down for a minute though. He has a vest and tie, it's kinda hard to tell in the pic though. 

Dawson had lots of fun playing with Great Grandma before we left, while I nursed Tyler

Pretty tree! I miss having a fully decorated tree! Ours looked pretty sad this year, several ornaments, lights but no tinsle because Dawson eats it, no ornaments at the bottom either. We did solve this by buying some plastic ones at Target's after Christmas sale tonight! :)  And those are my parent's and sibling's presents, waiting for them to get better so they can get them!

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Very sweet and heart warming! Im glad you share your family with all of us! Please keep updating!! Please follow my blog!