Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and more Hospital time

We had a good Thanksgiving. We only got invited to my side of the family this year, so we went to my aunt's house. Hadn't seen her new house before, it's really nice! Dawson was very uneasy at first because he thought I was going to leave him there, but he warmed up eventually and by the end of the day he didn't want to leave!

Dawson said a new word the other day! He pulled me to the fridge, pointed for me to open the door and pointed at the crisper. Grabbed an apple and left the kitchen. I always talk through it, trying to get him to ask for it but he hasn't yet. So Dan and I headed back into the living room where he went with his apple and Dawson walked back up to us. Stood there a bit, then looked up, lifted his apple a bit and said "apple". We both clapped and made a big deal out of it, he clapped and then he said it again. :)  He had an apple again today but couldn't get him to say it.

Dawson has a developmental appointment tomorrow morning. Mostly for speech but I believe she'll do the full evaluation. If they think he needs it, someone will come to our place and work with him for a bit. I did the initial developmental evaluation tonight and it looks like he's just a bit behind on social/communication and speech. Otherwise he's right on track with everything else. The fact that he is picking up on new words is a good sign, he just isn't doing it very quickly and might need a nudge in the right direction. Sometimes having someone else working with them is just what they need. With parents, we know what they want even if they don't say it, and they know this, so what's the point in telling me he needs an apple when he can drag me to the fridge, open the drawer and grab one? Hopefully this will help. I'm sure someday I'll be wishing he didn't talk so much!

Tyler is doing great. His counts are up a bit. He missed Thanksgiving because he's not ready to go home yet. He's in a great mood though. He just learned how to go from hands and knees to hands and feet. He just isn't sure what to do from there! He hasn't figured out forward motion on his knees yet. He can walk backwards several steps and he'd done forward about 10 steps in his room. I never thought he'd go across a bigger room, but he's proven that with enough determination he can do it. His favorite nurse assistant was playing with another patient in the playroom and Tyler wanted to go over there. I put him on the floor and said if you want to see him, you can walk there...and he did! Holding onto my hands, he quickly walked towards him, grinning the whole way! It was cute. I wish we could take a few of those nurses home, we're gonna miss them!

I'm doing ok, my jaw still hurts and I still can't open my mouth very far. I was having is sues with food getting stuck in the holes where my teeth were (ew!). It was hard to get it all out. They are finally closing up though, some are closed and some are close. They are still very sensitive there though. Part of my jaw, bottom lip and chin is still numb. Not sure how long that's supposed to take, but it seems to be very slowly gaining the feeling back. It used to be almost half my face, not it's just about 2 inches along my jaw. It's a bit tingly now too, which is really bugging me, it's itchy! On top of that, I have an ear infection. It's not as bad as some I've had, but it's pretty painful. All the way down my neck pain and my ear throbs when I lay or bend down.

Dan is doing good. He has a lot to do before the snow flies and work is bugging people to work overtime on the weekend. Next Friday is the Brian Adams concert we're going to. I'm excited! He's been to several concerts before but I've never been to one. I just hope my ear infection goes away before then!

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