Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sibling Fun

Well 2 days ago I said that Tyler isn't getting off his belly yet, but yesterday he was doing it all day long! He gets up on all fours now, off his belly and everything, and rocks back and forth. Dawson was doing that at about 8 months too and he started crawling at 9 months. Yikes! How'd he grow so fast?! He's quickly going from little baby to active baby. He always progresses so fast at home, it's like he's making up for lost time in the hospital!

Tyler is saying "mama" and "dada" more appropriately now. Before it was all dada at home and mama at the hospital. Now he says mama if he's hungry, wet, fell over or has some other problem and he says dada if he sees him walk by or something.

The boys were having lots of fun together last night. I was holding Tyler, flying him around the apartment after Dawson. Tyler was all giggles, especially when he caught up to and touched Dawson and it was the best when he landed on him and we tickled him. Dawson thought it was really fun too, he didn't even mind Tyler touching him for once. He usually doesn't like it and shoves him off. Once Dawson was tired he stopped on the couch. We sat by him, he grinned at Tyler and said "Hi..dada". He still doesn't say Tyler, it sounded like he knew that wasn't right but didn't get how to say it. I said it a few times and he was intently listening but didn't say it. He always gets this bashful look when prompted to say a new word. It's like he doesn't want to say it wrong, so he doesn't say it. You can just see him going over it in his head though, it's cute.

I invited my parents over today to see our new "toy", so after they see what we got I'll post it. I still have a lot of cleaning to do. I also want to switch the toys again. I keep half the toys in the closet and switch them out every couple months. I used to do it every 2 weeks but just got out of that habit. It's always fun to discover the "new" toys all over again. Keeps them busier.

Here's some more pics rom the photoshoot the other day:

I love that smile!

He was getting hot and crabby so I took off the shirt. Cute chubby arms!

His scar from the first Hickman is getting lighter. If you look close, it's the little red dot at the 1 or 2 o'clock position on the outside of the circle. He's growing into them more too, they used to go down to his feet. I still don't get why they make them so long, it's really not that necessary.

Here's Dawson when he fell asleep at the table the other day

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