Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Day, Dawson got the Flu

It was a really long day today. Dawson decided to dump the entire box of cereal out onto the unmade bed this morning, so cleaning that up took extra time. I also had to pump because Tyler didn't eat as much as usual yesterday and I was sore.
We got to the hospital around noon. Dawson is great about wearing his mask these days. He used to put up a fight getting it on, but once it was on he was fine. Now he lifts his face up to me when I go to put it on and he'll leave it there! Tyler was happy to see me, he says "mama" a lot lately. He kinda clapped his hands today. He loves it when I clap. He was watching a movie and was excited, so he was waving his arms around and then clapped his partially closed fists together a couple times. It was really cute!

Dawson was pretty bored, he was trying to push buttons on the IV pump and pulling on the tubes. He was goofing with the diaper scale (they weigh Tyler's diapers) and he was getting into my things everytime I'd do anything with Tyler. So I had the nurse change all the diapers today, that really helps. Dawson just knows that as soon as I get those gloves on, I'm busy with something else!

Tyler wasn't eating solids today, or even nursing much. He did seem to keep his good mood though. He's really starting to like Blue's Clues, which is nice because Dawson really likes that show too so it keeps them both entertained. Too bad the hospital only has 1 of those movies.

I called to make a speech evaluation appointment today, I just got an answering machine but hopefully we'll get Dawson in soon. His Dr wanted to wait since we're so uprooted, but it seems like we're here at Children's more than home so I thought we'd do it here. A complete evaluation is booked through February, so I chose to just do speech since he's doing great everywhere else. I have a friend who does development stuff and she often posts a link to the monthly milestone sheets, which Dawson has been doing great in all the physical things, he's just lacking in speech and a some in social development, but mostly where speech is related.

We left around 8pm tonight. Dawson was happy to get back to the RM house, he always claps and says "yay!" when we get there. Leaving the hospital without Tyler is always hard though, today Dawson tried to run back into the hospital. He seems afraid of where he'll end up if Tyler is still in there and we're leaving.

Once we got to the RM house, I thought I lost my phone. It was in the trunk because I'd had it in the stroller last. Whew! While looking for it, Dawson decided to play in a plant and eat some dirt. I came up to him and he had a funny face and dirt on his chin. I tried to get it out but it was hopelessly stuck to his tongue so I gave him some water to wash it down. Dawson had macaroni and some spaghetti noodles for supper. While heating it up we ended up with a 4 year old girl following us around for about an hour. She was asking questions and talking non-stop. I learned that she has a little brother named Dawson and I found out what he likes to eat and what all he's capable of doing. Her mommy also has a baby in her tummy. That's when it got "fun". She wanted to know if Dawson used to be in my tummy, did he like it there, when did he get out.....? I changed the conversation before she asked how he got in there! I really didn't think I was in any danger of that conversation yet, but apparently I was mistaken!! Then she moved on to food, I found out what she likes, doesn't like, what her mom makes her eat, etc, etc... Then we went over what Dawson likes, what I like...WHY to every possible answer. I'm really NOT looking forward to this stage! Though it's cute, I really don't miss all the questions! I had a 4 year old in the daycare I worked at and she was the same way. So all while she's hounding me with questions, I'm thinking "why am I in a hurry to get Dawson to talk?!" Her mom came by a few times, said "you aren't bothering her, are you?" to the kid. Of course the girl says "no, we're just talking". Well I suppose that was true, but seriously, I like my peace and quiet while at the RM house, nobody is around much in the evening and it's just nice to be able to sit and think, or not think! She was pretty cute. Another lady fell into this girl's trap when walking across the room. Ended up talking to her for about 10 minutes. The lady chuckled at all her questions and asked "is she yours?", I said "nope! she just came over and started talking to us". She gave me a look of pity before she left!

I got back to the room thinking how nice and quiet it's gonna be. I got Dawson settled down with some legos, put a movie in for me and got comfy on the bed. Not 5 minutes later, Dawson threw up a ton. So much for peaceful and relaxing! I got up and stuck him in the bathtub. We have a removable shower head in this room so I turned that on and hosed him off, clothes and all. Then I took off his clothes and gave him a bath. Was going to wait until tomorrow but I guess not! Wasn't sure if it was from what he ate or not. He did eat that dirt... Well he seemed to be feeling ok afterward, he voluntarily settled down and went to bed, which was a warning sign to me. Then he threw up a bit more. He's been waking up and dry heaving for the last 2 hours, so I think it's definitely the flu. We won't be going to see Tyler tomorrow. I think we'll just keep ourselves isolated in here. No point in going home to make Dan sick. I have masks to wear in the common areas of the RM house so nobody else gets sick. Will probably only leave the room to get food if we're even hungry for it. If I'm going to get it, I hope I can get it and get over it soon so we can move on! I did get the flu shot but not the H1N1 shot. Dawson didn't get either because he's allergic to eggs. He has no fever so that's a good sign. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

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