Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crappy Week, New Breastpump

Yet another week inpatient. I'm very frustrated at Tyler's numbers not coming up. Also because Dawson is so bored and frustrated with being stuck in a tiny hospital room all day. It's been a bad day overall today. The boy next door to Tyler passed away. All the nurses were crying, so I stayed a bit longer than usual to let them deal with the situation. Overall I've been in a crappy mood. Just sick of being there. I thought we were going home 2 weeks ago, so every day past when I expected to be home is hard. You'd think I'd stop planning for things by now, but I'm a planner and this is driving me nuts! It's been 5 months since diagnosis, 19 months to go. Feels like a long time yet but I'm glad we've made it this far.

I got a new breastpump, mine wasn't working right and I need to pump so the Dr wrote up a prescription for it and got me a new one since it's mandatory because of "parent/child seperation". I can't believe those things are $427! That's crazy! Thank goodness they got it to go through the insurance!

Thank goodness for volunteers. They take Dawson to the playroom. Dawson got to go once today, he really thrives on being able to go. Everytime the door opens he runs over and looks hopefully at the person walking in. It's usually the nurse and unfortunately they visit often, so it's a lot of dissapointment. I can request volunteers but they aren't always available.

I wish I could take pictures. I can't post them anymore because my laptop stopped working. I can't even take any because I need to get my pictures developed so I can get them off the card. I should probably go through them again too and delete some that I don't really need printed. It's harder deleting pics since Tyler was diagnosed. You just never know how many more you'll get to take. Though I'm feeling a lot better about it now, you just never know. It's hard to know which ones to delete, every smile is cute, and the funny faces are cute because it's part of his personality too! I think it's safe to say I'm addicted. To the kids, the camera, or most likey all 3. :)

We got invited to Thanksgiving at my aunt Shelley's house this year, so Dan, Dawson and I are going there for the holiday. It'll be nice to get out and go somewhere.

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