Thursday, November 12, 2009

We're Home!

Dawson and I came home today. I have my wisdom teeth removal in the morning, so Mom is gonna come watch Dawson for us while Dan and I go. I'm required to have an escort with me that stays there the entire time. I'm a bit nervous but I've been pretty distracted. I just got the news that Tyler will be Outpatient after he comes home on Friday! I'm very excited about that, we can be home a lot more, it'll be so nice. It was so weird cleaning up and leaving the Ronald McDonald House. Just the thought of never going back was a bit of a bummer. While I'd rather be at home, that place was so nice and Dawson loves it. It really is "the house that love built" as their slogan says. So much thought was put into making that place and the things they provide are so generous. They went way above and beyond what I had expected to find and I knew everyone loved the place.

It was nice getting to know that family. I have some pics of the 3 kids together, though Dawson wouldn't sit still, knowing I was taking a pic. It was nice having someone to talk to though. We exchanged Caringbridge sites tonight before I left so we can follow each other and stay in touch.

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