Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back with Tyler

Feels so good to be back! We packed up and left before noon. Got to the Ronald McDonald house and set a new all our stuff hauled in on 1 trip. Thanks to a hotel luggage cart and a double stroller with an empty seat. We got put on the same floor as usual, only on the other end of the hall. So now we've been in 3 out of the 4 corners of our floor. Room looks the same, but this one has a microwave and for the first time, Dawson has his OWN tv in the loft! For the first time, he LOVES being up there and claiming the loft as his own. As much as I like cuddling him at night, it's best that he sleeps in his own bed. We both sleep better that way. He wakes up a lot when he's in with me and I wake up being elbowed or kicked!

I got a laptop at the hospital. The Geek Squad took over the laptop rental just this week. They provide free repair and diagnostic services now, you just pay for parts. They also have cell phone charging docks, since most parents forget the charger the first time. I didn't, but I did lose it once so it came in handy. They have 2 servers now. He said they're more tight on the general server for everyone since kids are using it. You can't see facebook, blogger or any other social networking sites. Being that I live on those places, I got the other server! Just required some signatures, thankfully.

Tyler looks great. He's pale and has some bruises but his attitude is great. He was in his highchair getting some food when I came in. He was smiling at the lady, but once he saw me he looked at her, cried, then looked at me and was grinning and trying to get out of the highchair. He looked like he wanted to fly out of there but his thoughts weren't doing the trick! I picked him up, he grabbed my hair and held onto me for a while. Then he wanted to nurse, so he nursed for a little while, stopping to grin at me every several seconds. The Occupational Therapist found it pretty funny. She was asking me questions on what I'd like her to be working on with him. It's nice, he has OT, PT, a massage lady, music therapy, volunteers that play with him, nurses that play with him.....he's pretty spoiled!! He was giggling at Dawson running around the room. He thinks highly of his big brother already, it's so cute!

Yesterday, even last night I had a horrible headache and my jaw was really hurting. My lips, jawline and cheek were still numb too. After I saw Tyler today, it all went away. I've had very little jaw pain. I've only taken meds twice today, and that was pretty far inbetween. It's only a dull pain now. I can chew without sharp pain too. My headache is completely gone. Just like that. I'm thinking it was the stress of everything, not being able to go back and be with Tyler, being sick, being worried, etc. Feels so good to be back, it's a huge relief. I'm still numb but a little less than before. The swelling is going down still. That's mostly what I'm taking the meds for, to keep the swelling down and get everything to heal. I'm hoping by Thanksgiving I'll be able to eat what I want!! Otherwise I guess I'll just have to hog the stuffing. ;)

Dawson did good today. He played with toys, layed on his tummy on the mat when Tyler was having some tummy time and then made a big mess of the room. Nothing new there. He likes throwing toys and clothes everywhere. His newest thing is sticking paper through cracks. Drawers, doors, both the side and bottom. Being that Tyler is in a pressurized, sealed room, there's rubber at the bottom of his door. Didn't stop Dawson from shoving something under it. He was quite upset when his fingers got stuck and he couldn't pull them back because the rubber only goes 1 way. I was changing Tyler's diaper but the nurse who was in the room went over to help but couldn't get his fingers out. I went over, lifted the rubber on both sides of his finger and he was out. Not the first time he's done that, but nurses say he's the only one to their knowledge who's managed to get anything under there!

Tomorrow should be fun. We're going to see Tyler for most of the day. I might be babysitting another 2 year old in the evening and Dan is coming to spend the night with us after that. It's exciting to have something planned. It'll be especially nice to see Dan again. Seems like I've seen him a lot but really we didn't get much time together. I wasn't feeling good after surgery, then he was sick so I stayed away from him as much as possible, then I left! It stinks. Hopefully Tyler's counts will start going up soon so we can be home and maybe even develop some sort of a normal routine again!

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