Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Week, Awesome Hubby

Had a busy and crappy week so far. Dan came home early Monday with the flu. It's been over 48 hours now, Dawson and I are still healthy, so we're going back to the cities tomorrow. Dan stayed home today because he was still wiped out from having the flu. He got more energy in the evening though, and ended up cleaning the bathroom, living room, doing dishes, laundry, taking all the garbages out, cleaning the tv, computer monitors and cleaned out the linen closet that Dawson had messed up. I love my hubby. :)

My jaw is still hurting, my face is still numb. It's driving me nuts! I have a horrible headache to top things off.  I'm currently 2 hours past due on my meds and I actually feel ok so hopefully I can start slowly backing off on those in the next few days. I hate being dependent on meds. Ironic, being a cancer mom, huh?  I do still have a dull pain, but it's nothing like the sharp pain I was having before. I've found that ice cream helps a lot, it naturally numbs the area a bit since it's so cold, and it tastes good too. I only have 1 bowl a day though, as my body wouldn't react so well to living on ice cream! So I save it for the evening for a treat since that's when I'm usually in the most pain, from talking, eating and all that during the day. It's amazing how much you use your jaw and don't realize it.

Dawson is doing good. He's been getting pushy lately, so trying to stop that. He'll run up to me and shove me with both arms to get my attention. This week he learned how to blow. He can now blow bubbles and he blows on food. Today he came up to me while I was eating my pot pie. He said "hot" and blew on it! New word AND in the right context! Yay! :)  Dawson also got a haircut! It was getting long in the back and kinda crazy up on top. I decided to take him to Kid's Hair, they have a movie for them to watch, bubbles, toys and suckers. It was a good experience, I think it went well. He fussed some but really couldn't complain much, as suckers are a rare treat. :)

Tyler's counts are still dropping. He's expected to spend at least another week in the hospital. Hopefully nothing else will stop us from going down there tomorrow so we can spend time with Tyler. Even Dawson seems to miss his little brother.

On to the pics....
Dawson before his haircut.

After haircut! It hadn't grown in much in the sides in the front, it was mostly the back and some off the top that they did. I'm pretty happy with it, it's really even and neat looking.  The lighting is bad in this pic, he wouldn't hold still so I had to chase him down, delete the first 5 blurry pics and this is what I ended up with!
Tyler on Sunday when we visited him. His face looked kinda rashy around his nose and chin, looks like a sweat rash. He's pretty sweaty and most people like to pile on the covers at night because he's a baby. He would smile so cute, then go crazy when he saw the camera flash!

Nurses shouldn't have long fingernails! grr  This doesn't look as bad in the pic, but it was a pretty big/deep scratch I found when changing his diaper. Makes me mad because we try so hard to avoid bug bites and anything that will break the skin and then I find a huge scrape on his leg! With his platelets so low, they should be extra careful!! 

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