Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to the Hospital

Tyler got admitted today. We got going around 10am and got to the hospital just before noon. Dawson threw a tantrum but settled in pretty quick after I put a movie in for him. I found out that I misread the chemo plan. It's 2 days of chemo, not 4. They used to do a calendar and write out the plan, but they don't anymore since I do ok at reading the Dr's roadmaps.

Dawson didn't last very long at the hospital. We left around 3pm to go check into the Ronald McDonald house. We got the room across the hall from our old room, so it's the same but backwards of the other one. This one has no microwave either, I miss that. They do have them downstairs though. Dawson is liking it here. He's getting into everything. So far he's already gotten his head stuck between 2 metal bars of the loft railing. He also took a ton of kleenexes and threw them off the loft, that was entertaining. I came out of the bathroom to find kleenex all over the place.

He didn't eat much for supper, they had vegetarian lasagna and a few casseroles. Dawson won't eat anything mixed. He had a bun some beans and a pumpkin bar. Thankfully I have his own food here, so I can make up for that.

Tyler is in a good mood still, he had a jar of sweet potatoes and some applesauce today. Dawson finished it for him. He's been impressing the nurses with his sitting up and leaning skills. Tomorrow the physical therapist is going to stop by and see what he can do now. The nurse says he's not taking a bottle yet, but hopefully he will eventually.

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