Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Sick Day at the Ronald McDonald House

Dawson woke up every hour or so, mostly dry heaving. He got up (unknown to me until it was too late) and chugged down all the water from his sippy. I totally forgot it was still in his reach. :(  Of course he threw all that up too, but that was the end of it. In the morning he was walking around saying "owie owie!!" and wanting water. It's hard when they don't understand. I gave him a few sips worth in his sippy. He drank that and continued to fuss and ask for more. I gave him a little at a time, trying to distract him with movies and toys as much as I could. He did play with his legos for a bit and watched some Blue's Clues. He was taking the water fine, so I started giving him a little more, then he was fine and didn't want anymore.

Around 1pm I gave him a small bowl of applesauce. He ate some but wasn't interested in the rest. I'm glad he's pacing himself with the food. He refused when I offered him more a few hours later. The RM house provides cheerios, so I brought some up for him. I've been running down to grab things while he stays in the room. I blocked off the stairs and he was just sitting watching his movie. He didn't seem to mind at all, he's comfortable here now, it's like a big house and I was just leaving the room. I didn't want to risk anyone else getting sick either, or risking him throwing up somewhere. So once supper time came, I went down and got it in to-go boxes. Dawson wasn't very hungry, he picked at some bread and turned the rest down. He didn't even want my cookie, which I thought for sure he'd be fighting me for. He ate some cheerios and was good with that.

He was very active today. He played with a ball on the stairs for a good 2 hours, then wanted to go outside. I put on his mask and we went outside. He ran through the leaves, down the slide and we sat on a swinging bench for a bit too. He played outside for at least an hour. It really wore him out, he fell asleep around 9pm tonight, so I've had a quiet evening! I finished the laundry, washed the bedding. Seems like everyone was doing laundry today! I checked often and finally just went down to the basement to get it done. There's 1 set of machines on our floor, which is about 8 rooms. Then there's 2 sets of machines down in the basement. I've never seen anyone use those yet. I usually just bring our clothes to the hospital and wash them with Tyler's there.

Dawson's fever went away this evening. I checked it around 8pm and it was gone, so if he's still doing good and I'm still feeling good on Saturday, I'll go get Tyler and we'll all go home. I'm really hoping to be able to, but I'm still bracing myself for the flu. At least it's a short lived thing. Hopefully tomorrow will go well so we can have a break for a couple days.

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