Sunday, November 1, 2009

Starting Solids

I decided to see if Tyler would take some baby food today. In the past he'd put up a big fight just trying to get him to open up, so we just waited. Today he opened up and was eating it like he'd been doing it all along! He ended up eating a whole jar of Sweet Potatoes. Hopefully we can add this into his daily routine and he'll continue to eat well. He didn't really make a mess until Dawson came into the kitchen and got into something. I got him out of the kitchen and turned around to see Tyler had dumped the entire bowl onto the tray and was splashing in it and sucking it off his fingers! Why did I leave the bowl on his tray?! Should've known better!

I keep forgetting to mention Dawson's first sentence! He says this quite a bit now, which I think is funny and quite necessary for a 2 year old's vocabulary. He says "I did it", it's so cute! Sometimes I can't figure out what he did, but today I asked him to close the cutting board. He did, we clapped and said "yay", so did he, then he said "I did it" and smiled. :)

For the longest time, Dawson was so good to hand me his plate and everything once he was done eating. I had him start doing that, instead of throwing it onto the floor. Well he's back to throwing it on the floor again. I've been having him pick it all up, but it doesn't seem to be stopping him from doing it.

Tomorrow my mom and sister are coming over. I'm sure Dawson will be happy to see them, he sure loves his Grandma and Auntie. He even says "Auntie" when he sees her or even hears her voice over the phone, it's the cutest thing!

The time change didn't seem to bother Dawson at all. He actually fell asleep an hour earlier than usual (figuring in the time change). I think I wore him out pretty good. He had a rough day, lots of disagreeing and tantruming today, so I'm sure that helped wear him out also.

Today I cleaned the boys' room. I put a bookcase in there, that helped a lot. All the diapers and many other things that had no home are now off the floor and looking a lot neater. I can see the rocking chair AND the floor now! :)  Dan put together a new storage cabinet that he bought, it's just like our other one. We put that in the spot where the bookcase is, so now we have a place to put picture albums, books and other things we don't want Dawson getting into. The other day he started dragging out my books, he hadn't really messed with them before so I was glad we bought that!

Some pics from yesterday. The boys were playing with this toy. Dawson likes having things on his lap, so he pulled it up on his lap and a little away from Tyler. That upset Tyler, so I scooted him closer and they both played with it peacefully for at least 5 minutes. It was really cute seeing them play together!

Dawson running over the bubble wrap. This was the smaller piece. He still has a lot more to play with some other day. Should be fun, it sure wore him out! :)

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