Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting to get into Trouble already

Tyler is all over the place now! He's discovered that he can crawl places and discover new things. He made it to the patio yesterday, then cried when he hit a dead end. Today he figured out how to turn completely around to get out of places. Before he could make turns, but not really all the way around. He crawls down the hallway to come find me if I leave the room for too long, or if he wants me. He crawls really slow, sometimes with a little wobbly limp. I think his bones ache, it's common with chemo. If he crawls for several minutes at a time, he'll start crying and just stop where he is until I come pick him up. Poor baby.

Dawson is getting into even more trouble now, if that's possible. He's been up on my computer desk, getting into Dan's computer corner, behind the TV and even climbing over the baby gates. He thinks it's funny when I'm nursing and can't get up to get him out of trouble, or when Dan is busy doing something. We're not finding it very funny! I'll tell him to stop and he just looks at me and grins with this mischievous look because he knows I can't do a thing about it at the moment. He sure runs the second I get up though! Then he comes back and says "Hi" and starts being all cute so I can't be upset with him. This is probably a good thing and it works most of the time!

Dawson's Early Intervention lady is coming on Monday to let us know if he qualifies and to talk about services and get us started. After that we'll be getting Tyler set up for an evaluation and to start the process so he can get some extra attention too. Tyler also gets labs on Monday to see if we go back to the clinic on Tuesday.

Dan and I got out on Friday with our friends Brian and Jessie. We went to a bar (which is funny because none of us drink at all) and listened to a band that Brian is friends with. It was fun and nice to catch up. We haven't seen them in about 3 years!

We're excited for Sunday (tomorrow) because we're going to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas since they were sick before.

Tyler's new thing is clapping his hands, sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries. I have lots of new adorable pics, but the rest won't upload right now, so more to come. :)

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