Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mom's Night Out!

I got to go skating tonight with Jenny. It was so good to get out, I was getting really stressed and sick of being cooped up. The boys went to Amy's house. Dawson had a hard time at first, but eventually settled down. He freaks out and is upset everytime we go to anyone's house, but especially Amy's since she took Dawson for days at a time while Tyler was in the hospital. When it came time to pick him up, I had a hard time getting him out the door because he was having so much fun. Nice to know he loves it there. :)

Skating was fun, haven't seen all those people in a couple years! Jenny brought her 5 month old baby, it was nice to see him. She also brought back some baby stuff. I'd borrowed her. It'll be interesting finding space for all that stuff. Today's stuff was just smaller things, but pretty soon I have a swing coming. She's storing the 6 totes of baby clothes in her basement for us. Thank goodness, or we wouldn't be able to save the clothes!

We went shopping at Walmart afterward. Takes longer each time it seems. After checkout, at least 1 cashier usually comes over and wants an update on Tyler. Then a couple other people usually come over to see what the fuss is about, or to see the baby. So then those new people recognize us the next time we go in and it just keeps snowballing. Today I had 5 ladies cooing at him and asking questions! He's getting to be quite a town celebrity. Most places I go there's usually 1 or 2 people who want to see how he is. It's kinda nice to have some adults to talk to, even for a little bit.

Dawson is suddenly interested in getting his picture taken! I got out the camera to get a pic of something Tyler was doing, and Dawson came over, made me point the camera at him, then stood and smiled. He'd look at the result of each one, grin/giggle and then stand back and smile for another one. Could he get any cuter?!

We started getting goofy and he was copying some of my faces

He wanted to show off one of his favorite things. He thinks it's funny to put this on his finger. Makes a cool popping noise when you pull it off fast.

Here's Tyler, with his "new" improved toy. I had the legs off, but since he's standing steadier now, I put them back on and it's suddenly his new favorite toy again. :) 

(the blur on the left is Dawson, still trying to get me to keep the focus on him!!)

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