Sunday, January 17, 2010

Titanic Exhibit, New Mattress and Cute Little Boys

We've had a busy week. Too busy to blog even, though I've been trying to keep up with it. The boys have been busy and managed to avoid my cold somehow. I think a lot of why it hit me so hard was my lack of sleep. I've been getting between 30 minutes to 3 hours every night. It really drags a person down and makes them susceptible to colds.

I've been exercising on the Wii every night. I took a night off last night though. It has a journal to do everyday and it told me I'm not getting enough sleep and I don't have enough energy to exercise! So we watched a movie (Seven Pounds) and ate ice cream instead. :)

Dawson is being his energetic, troublesome self. He's been drinking out of a cup really good. His latest thing is sharing my chocolate milk in the evening. Except it went from sharing, to running off with my glass and finishing it for me. He returned the cup to me when he was done though, grinning ear to ear. I've been having him put his dishes in the sink when he's done with them. If I'm not right there to get them, he throws them on the floor. So I'm hoping to avoid that as much as possible. Well he picked up on it well. The other morning I came into the kitchen to find part of my silverware drawer in the sink. All the twist ties we had in there, baby spoons and some regular stuff too. Getting the twist ties out of the garbage disposal was fun. Not that I'd know, Dan did that part, thankfully!

Tyler is doing good. His counts are still too low for chemo, so it's nice having a normal baby again, but also nerve-wracking to not have him on chemo. He's been very interested in food lately. His new favorite is cheese. He wasn't so fond of spaghetti noodles, way too much work and they felt weird. Bananas were rejected completely. He spent so much time trying to pick them up, then once the piece got to his lips he'd throw it down. This went on for a good 10 minutes. I can't feed him, he has to do it himself. He won't accept a spoon either, even though I tried to teach Mr. Independent how to use the spoon. It just wasn't happening! I also gave him a little water in a small bottle and he drank some by himself. So I guess that answers the question if he can hold a cup/bottle by himself! He was quite upset with me last night because I wouldn't let him dive into my chocolate ice cream. I offered him some with a spoon, but he made a face, pushed it away and dove for the bowl again. He doesn't take rejection very well! I got that face that babies give their mommies to make them feel horrible, so he ended up nursing while I ate my ice cream. Which of course didn't go too smoothly, because he just knows it's there!

Tyler has been crawling faster lately and trying to overcome more obstacles. Today he proudly crawled over Dawson's bag of Mega Blocks. He used to not like crawling over anything, but now he's starting to think it's fun. He's also standing up next to toys even more. He's discovered some new fun activities. Like closing the kitchen gate and the bedroom door. He opens and closes the door a bit, playing peek-a-boo with me. He will also raise a blanket over his head to play peek-a-boo, it's so cute!

Thursday night was stressful. I was trying to get ready for Friday, separating the boy's diaper bag stuff, gathering extra things we'll need, giving baths, etc. After going grocery shopping, no less! So I was already tired when I got home. I did a lot of cleaning, did the big stack of dishes I hadn't done because I was sick. Then I cleaned the living room, which Dawson promptly messed up again. Not only that, he was on a roll with throwing things behind the couch. So I decided to put him in the bath a bit early. He has these bath crayons that someone gave us, he loves drawing in the tub. He decided to chew apart the entire red crayon! It was completely gone, just had small chunks laying in the tub and red crayon stuck to his teeth. Gross!

I'd about had enough for the day, but Tyler looked SO interested in the bath, so I decided to give him one. This was his 2nd real bath since he was diagnosed. He can't get his tubes wet, so it's hard to do real baths. He just gets sponge baths instead. It took about 15 minutes (2 attempts) to get his tubes securely up and plastic wrap over them. It's hard dealing with plastic wrap and a squirmy baby trying to play with it! So he was pretty mad by the time I finished. I got him into the bath seat and he started crying and screaming. I figured he'd settle down after I played with him for a bit, but no luck. I took him out of the seat and he didn't want anything to do with the water. So I gave up, rather frustrated and tired.

On Friday we went to the Titanic Exhibit with our friend Jessie and her 14 year old neighbor, who also happens to be a Leukemia survivor. It was fun, we weren't allowed to take pictures because of the preservation of artifacts they've brought up from the wreck, but it was nice walking around and reading all the stories of people and seeing things they used back then. Afterward we walked around the rest of the Science Museum, where the Exhibit was held. It was fun seeing everything. On our way home we stopped by Heidi's house, (a friend me met online) and dropped off 2 full diaper boxes of baby food that we'd stocked up. He's skipping that faze apparently, so I wanted to give it to someone who could really use it. After that we picked up Dawson from my parent's house and went home.

Saturday was a quiet day. I put quite a few things on Craigslist, hopefully they'll sell. I also answered some ads, so I'm hoping to get a couple things too. One of the things I found this week was a Tempurpedic mattress set. We've always wanted one, but when we looked they wanted 2-3 thousand for them! So we were quite happy to get it for much cheaper! It hasn't been used long either, the lady has arthritis and it was too stiff for her. It even came with a mattress pad and pillows, which are very comfy! We picked it up today (Sunday).

Heidi took a pic of all the baby food I gave her, after she sorted it all

Tyler not liking his bath (had to take a pic anyway, he's rarely in the bath!)

Daddy and Tyler at the Science Museum. I love this carrier, it sure saves the arms, he's getting heavy!

Dawson, after he stole my chocolate milk. He's got it pretty good, chocolate and Blue's Clues on the big TV!

He was pretty hyper afterward, he drank half the glass! Luckily it was short lived. Love the goatee thing!

Tyler saw Dawson playing with his jumperoo, so I put him in there and they both played together for a while.

I think Dawson has come quite a ways in accepting his little brother being around lately. He will share my lap now and he'll play with the same toy more often too. If he sees me changing Tyler, he'll stand there and wait, where he used to throw a tantrum. So I'm happy that things are settling down and he's enjoying his brother more now. He still doesn't like it when Tyler takes his things, knocks over his mega block towers or is eating food that Dawson likes, even if Dawson has the same thing. It's a new concept (Tyler eating real food) that he'll just have to get used to! He doesn't mind if it's stuff like cheese, that he doesn't like. Hopefully it'll be short lived. If anything, I can move Tyler's highchair up to the top level, but he really enjoys being at the same level as we are, so I'm hoping to just work through things.

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