Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tyler's Evaluation Results and a New Toy

Dawson had his final evaluation today. She couldn't come before because she was sick but they technically had to do this part, even though he already qualified. He matched shapes, stacked blocks, put pegs in holes and really enjoyed that. He wouldn't point to a picture in a book or put blocks on a string though. Blocks are for stacking! So he was stubborn for that part of it.

Tyler's evaluation was reviewed and the school district was thrilled about how good he's doing and said he doesn't need anything right now. They'll be keeping track of him by sending me a paper each month or 2 saying what he should be doing. If he's not doing any of those, then they'll review it and see if he could use some help.

Saturday night we went out and bought a Nintendo Wii system. It came with the sports and we bought the Wii Active too. Since I'm stuck in the house all the time and can't go to the mall to walk during the winter, or my other usual places, I thought it'd be a good alternative. It's a lot more fun than those workout tapes too!

Right now I have a bad head cold and feel like crap. Tyler's immunity is low so I'm watching him for signs of getting sick. With little immunity, those signs are totally different than normal people, so I really have to be on my toes! It's very stressful.

The boys playing and watching their new Blue's Clues movie, winding down before bedtime

Dawson getting in trouble (crawling onto my computer desk)

Tyler playing with his new discovery, the doorstop

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