Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Destructive Toddler and Curious Baby

Dawson sure is working hard for the spotlight these days! Though I've told him he'll get attention for being cute too, that just isn't as fun! So just in the last few days, he's broken the metal walk-through gate that blocks off the kitchen. This morning he got a pencil from the kitchen and drew all over the hallway walls. Unfortunately we have that bumpy stucco paint on the walls and it's hard to erase over bumps and dips!

He also got ahold of the mail key. This was separated from my key ring when Tyler got admitted and Dan needed access to the mail. We just kept it in the same place as a lone key, since I sometimes came home too. I noticed the other day he climbed up there and was getting at my things, but I moved the thing he was standing on. He got the key anyway and we looked high, low and under everything we could think of and after a good hour of searching we haven't been able to find it!! Hopefully we'll find it before Tyler does. Before Monday would be great! We have to pay to get a new one. I'm sure if we get a new one, we'll find the old one a couple days later. Never fails!

He's been all over my computer desk, he hid my Window's XP disk, but during our key search, Dan found that. He got the camera a few times today. It seems to be his main goal lately. Gonna have to figure out a new hiding place for it!

Tyler has been really active lately too. He's been getting into small things if he finds them, stuff that Dawson threw onto the floor, but most everything is up out of the way. It's Dawson being able to climb on everything that's causing us the most trouble! Tyler has been exploring new places. He crawls in and under things. He pulls up on everything he's able to. Tyler fell and hit his head on a wooden end table and since then he's been scared to go from standing to sitting. So he'll pull up on something and then cry to get down. I hope this new fear doesn't last too long. He wants to eat what we're eating, but he still doesn't eat a lot as far as volume. He just tastes a bit of what I'm eating.

The boys each got a "new" toy the other day. I don't usually buy them toys, but these were things I'd wanted to get them a while back and never did. I sold a couple things at Once Upon A Child and then bought a couple things there. They are both a big hit and have kept them busy over the past few days.

Tyler got a driving toy that makes car/driving noises. They both love this toy!

Dawson got a racing track that's a hill. He really likes it.

It's still neat seeing Tyler standing

Yes, Dawson is IN the toybox. Tyler seems to think it's pretty funny! Tyler sure idolizes his brother and tries to copy everything he does! Should be interesting once he's able to keep up with Dawson!

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