Monday, January 4, 2010

Dawson's Early Intervention Evaluation Results

I got Dawson's Early Intervention evaluation results today. I'm not too surprised but it's still hard to see on paper. Evaluation done at 29 months, 10 days. For this first part, they asked me tons of questions.

Receptive Communication (what he understands), he's at a 12 month level

Expressive Communication (what he says), he's at an 8 month level

His hearing is just fine

Social Emotional Behavior score was 65, which puts him at 1 percentile compared to others his age. They said he has a "borderline level of Social-Emotional functioning"

His Adaptive Behavior (functional skills, which include communication, safety, following rules, self-care and many other things) was at an "extremely low" percentile of .3

Naturalistic Observation Results (they watched him play and interacted with him a bit):

Cognitive (figuring out toys, stacking blocks, using tools, etc) was at an 18-24 month level

Language was at a 12-15 month level

Gross motor (running, walking, balance, stairs, etc) was at a 24-30 month level. He's perfectly on track with this section.

Fine motor (using silverware, holding crayons well, stacking blocks neatly, putting pegs in the hole, etc) was at an 18-24 month level

Social behavior was at a 12-18 month level

Self Help (feeding, dressing, sleeping, toileting) was in the 18-24 month level

He definitely qualifies for services at home, they'll be coming out to the home once a week for an hour to work with him. Once he turns 3 (July), he'll be in Special Ed preschool about 3 days a week.

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Renee said...

Early Intervention is the way to go. My son Aaron has made tremendous progress with the help of early intervention and his Autism. We had people coming to the house as well as him going to preschool a few days a week.